I am finally able to stand up and address the group and say these few words fiercely, wait I mean shout! “I am addicted to Photography”. Yes, yes oh yes, wait wrong journal for those words, Ok, so here is the scoop. I took today off to go to the Zoo, no big deal you say, well hold your knickers, I was already there Saturday. Oh and wait, I have a group photography meeting there, this SATURDAY. I shoot an average of 16gb per day. I narrow it down when I get home to around 10 GB of photos. SHIT! ok so here is the real scoop, I freaking LOVE IT. There is not one time I have had a bad shoot, way to go ME!!!! big probably is that I get Overwhelmed with the editing process. I have so many photo’s and so many hardrives I can’t take it sometimes. I really really need to hire someone to do it for me. Ok, so I got that off my chest and I have a big one..:) Have a great day and thanks for ready this shit!

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