Framing your Art

So many people have asked about this so here is my version of what I was told.

Click on the photo that you would like to see.

Click on buy/preview button

Click on what you like, i.e Framed Print- then choose which one or colors.

Right Click on the Framed Photo that you choose, it will bring up a box, click on
properties which is the last one. You will see something like,

At the top your image numbers

Protocol: Hyper text

Type: JPEG Image

Address: http://image2.redbubble…………&#....

Size: 111111

Dimentions: 441×3131 pixels

Created 11/16/2007
Modified 11/16/07

You have to copy the WHOLE address line….see the one that starts with http: and ends with jpg.

Go back to overview and click on edit my profile you are then going to paste it in the
about you box. so you will see the long address string. LAST STEP

Before the http: put a ! (above the number 1 key) should look like this !http://image.
then do the same right at the end after the jpeg!.
There you have it. I will be looking to see how it good luck and hope my instructions are helpful

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