“Who is Cheri” ?

Ok, so I was asked to do this, so here goes,

My name is Cheri McEachin, nationality French/Maurition but raised in England, now live in New Jersey, the good old USA. I have been married for….wait I can’t remember, brb gonna ask the man!

Ok, so my husband said we have know each other for “cough cough” 10 plus 12 years and have been married for a whopping 20 long hard, tremendously boring, fattening years. Oh and I have three bloody kids, they are 22yrs old, KEEPS COMING HOME, 18yrs old Man, (just got suitcases for his 18th birthday) and spoiled 16yr old girly wirly. Three rescue cats that look like dogs now, and a lovely bird that won’t shut up. Husband has been in the military for 26yrs…AirForce and I can’t tell you what he does else I will have to kill ya. You know how that goes.

So, I work full time at a private car Auction house for dealers, and take care of the employees that work on the lanes. i have fun and love the job but, would give it up if National Geographic hired me.

My love of photography is an addiction. I am hoping they will set up classes, or meetings, maybe call it photographers anonymaus. Every spare time I get, i am gone. As you can see I have a deep connection with animals. I never fail to get a good shot. i love them and I think they sense that.

I hope you didn’t get to bored reading this but this is a little insight to me. They don’t call me Crazy Cheri for nothing. I look young cause I stay young, always laughing and joking. Life is to short to be misreable.

Enough already!!!! Peace

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