Good Bye Miss Kitty

My heart is broken today as my cat Miss Kitty died in my arms just as I got to the Veterinary clinic. I rushed home as my daughter called me at work and told me she was getting worse and was convoluting. Poor Miss Kitty was on my bed and I burst into tears, wrapped her in a blanket and headed to the vet. I was driving with her in my arms when she stopped convulting, looked up at me with her huge dilated eyes then out the window, laid her head back down on my arm and was gone. In some ways, I truly believe she was waiting for me to come home so she didn’t die by herself and give me peace as I didn’t want to have to make the choice to put her to sleep.

I love you Miss Kitty, I always will, even when you were mean to me you were always by myside. I do not ever cry at funerals but when t comes to animals it is uncontrollable.

Miss you!

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