Animal Kingdom- 1st Competition

I am please to announce our first competition in the Animal Kingdom Group.

Animal Portrait- Any Animal looking at you! is the theme.

Guidlines are that the competition is going to run for 4 weeks. Each week I will pick 5 of the best art and bubblemail you and put them in the forum. You will then vote with points. Each one of you gets 10 points to give to the art that you love the best, or you may split those points up between them all. The winner with the most points will go to the finals. So, at the end of four weeks, we will have 4 final peices to which you will vote for the last time. YOU MAY ENTER 2 PIECES PER WEEK

1st week starts Today May 12th, and ends Sunday May 18th. You HAVE to submit your art to the Animal Kingdom group and TAG you submission kingdom1 (most important, else I will not see it).
I will then post week ones semi-finalists where you have another week to send me a bubble mail with your votes. Remember you get 10 points. Each week will be running into each other.

2nd Week starts Monday May 19th and ends Sunday May 25th Voting for second week starts when I post the semi-finalist on that Monday or Tuesday. TAG YOUR WORK kingdom2

3rd Week starts Monday May 26th and ends Sunday June 1st voting begins for the third week after I post the semi-finalists TAG YOUR WORK kingdom3

4th Week starts Monday June 2nd and ends Sunday June 8th voting begins for the 4th week after I post the semi-finalists. TAG YOUR WORK kingdom4

FINALS will be posted 16th June and you will vote for the winner!

We have nearly 600 members and have made this a long competition with alot
off involvement by you! If this is a success I will try to do more compeitions in the future.

I would like to thank Redbubble for donating the prizes which is a
$20 in house voucher and a copy of In the Moment.

Good Luck to all of you and please bubble me with any questions. lets rock this out!

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