I have joined...

Well, I finally joined red bubble!

My Mother in Law (judygal) has been a member for qutie some time now. She has come up with some wonderful things to add to her ‘bubble’ that I am constantly looking at.

I voted for one of her black and white photos but to do this, I had to become a member!

I have added 2 pieces of writing. I am not really a creative person when it comes to photography or photo modification however, I do appreciate people’s efforts when it comes to both of these as I have seen how challenging it can be!

I do enjoy writing. I have added the last piece of writing that I did – a poem shorlty after I had a miscarriage back in 2006. It still makes me cry qhen I read it even though it was some time ago.

I shall add things on here when I get the time!


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