Tell yourself you are great and you don't need someone to make you feel better

You are a beautiful person, there is always something about you that has been. This is something people always forget. You think so hard about what could be different, what you don’t do right, how you wish things could be. Right now though, what about you is perfect? Have you thought about it? It is a shame that most don’t. A lot of my friends consider me “experienced” in dating. I hate that because no matter how many dates I went on, no matter how long my relationships were, the person you are dating I most likely have not dated. Each person wants something different, each person is unique. If anything I am gifted in researching and reading a person before I step into a doomed emotional time. I don’t like to be surprised with bad things. I take my dating life seriously. I take it so seriously that I have only been on 4 dates in my life, 3 of which I had over a year relationship with. I try to produce dates to which I don’t have to worry about how to tell them I don’t want to see them again.

Still no matter how long those relationships lasted, why ask the girl who is still single? I mean don’t you think if I was so good and “experienced” that I would be sporting a ring on my left hand and talking about the future with someone by my side? I find this idea to just be weird. I mean can’t the advice I give only be as good as the relationships I have endured? I don’t know, just something to ponder I am sure.

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