New Beginnings are soon over

I write poetry as a release from my emotions. This is also the same reason I write novels and read. In some way am escaping obstacles in my life. Being in California has for the first time in my life allowed me to leave everything behind and be a new person. I feel like I got to show people who I am and not hide myself. When I got here I was a stranger and I had my own privacy and nobody knew anything about my past. This made me happy, since I left I have not been asked when my wedding is or how the warehouse is. I left this undesirable life behind. I have decided that when I graduate I will come back to California or I will go to New York, or somewhere that is beautiful. I know this way I will be freed from the many issues I now face. I know this way I can have a family in a place that doesn’t know too much of my business. (Wouldn’t it be amazing to raise your children near the beaches of San Diego? =])

On another note I have decided to adopt a baby from China when I get older. She will be beautiful and a great addition to my life I think.

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