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Here we go! My UK trip itinerary!

Subject to change of course but it’s more or less accurate.

Big thank you to my dear friend Lana Sewell who put this schedule together!!!

May 17 – Arriving in London early morning. London for the rest of the day.

May 18 – Going to Yorkshire. Stopping in Colchester to visit Severalls Asylum (for a photoshoot of course!)

May 19 – Staying in Filey, North Yorkshire.

May 20 – Edinburgh, Scotland

May 21 – Edinburgh, Scotland (and around!)

May 22 – Going from Scotland to Lake District

May 23 – Wastdale

May 24 – From Lake District back to Yorkshire

May 25 – Filey (I’m free 2nd half of the day!)

May 26 – Filey (I’m free pretty much all day – any takers?) :o)

May 27 – To be determined

May 28 – Going back to London

May 29 – London all day!!

May 30 – Flying back to New York :(

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