Emergency nearly over!!

FIRSTLY I NEED TO SAY A HUGE THANKYOU TOO John Robb AND TO Mark German , you both helped me out via phone and bubblemails and i truly appreciate you both helping to keep me calm. You truly are remarkable people… Hugs to you both!

Ok guys, those of you who read my last journal entry would know that i have spent the last 36 hours wondering if my hard drive that contains the last 3 years of my photographic portfolio and my kids growing up and my husbands graduation ceremony… ok ok you get the picture… well wondering if it was ALL GONE!!!

The wonderful John Robb has guided me through this wonderfully stressful time with patience and guidance even when i almost lost it on the phone to him and was a blubbering mess, and used some really bad words… even then he was calm and rational….and i truly thank him for all his help… he was even prepared to come and play Dr on the drive for me and make a diagnosis… but after speaking to a company call Payam in St Kilda rd, Melbourne, they informed me that based on the sound it was making it didn’t sound like a housing issue…
I tell you i nearly peed my pants when he said that … as dollar figures went Ka Ching in my head. He felt that it may be a clean room job of opening the drive and salvaging what we could… which would have cost me $2400…. yes thats right and New camera body or a lens or a new PC……

Anyways they were wonderfully helpful and offered to take a look at the drive at no charge and try and work out what would be the best action….
Anyways after a long stressful drive down there… and a 20minute wait while they looked at it (that felt like 3hrs) he came out to tell me that the drive was failing, BUT he could see my data and would be able to salvage it!!!!
OMG i cant even find the words to tell you how i felt…….the poor guy had to deal with me hugging him and thanking him endlessly and my ten year old told me that his face went bright red when i hugged him… so i think i embarassed the poor guy, but i was so relieved and happy….
So for the price of a new external 1TB drive ( which i now have 2 of) and a transfer fee, in a couple of days all my DATA will be salvaged with no loss…..

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people…. take a look at Mark German posting about back ups Here or speak to the ever so wonderful John Robb and let them guide you to the best set up regarding back ups…
I tell you one thing you dont wanna be where i have just been as it is not a nice place or feeling… i have come out of this VERY lucky, my bank balance is a little lighter but it is better than it could have been!


Thankyou again everyone for your kind words, info and support… i truly appreciate it!
xx Sam

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