KCC Dog Show!

today i went to the KCC to see my cavalier King Charles Spaniels breeder.
Well it truned into a little bit of a photo shoot. I have been sending the breeder some photo’s of Noah (our Puppy) as he has been growing up. Well i thought to myself this morning, i will chuck my camera in the car and see what happens, well i didn’t take it in with me at the beginning, but the breeder of my dog asked me if i had my camera with me as she would like some shots of her dogs… I laughed and told her silly question, of course i had my camera.
Well that was the start of something… started taking pics for my dogs breeder and before i knew if had numerous requests to get some shots….
Was a blast!!
Here are some of the shots!
xx Sam

This is my puppies father Tadgh (Ch. Sanquhar Bliss Bomb)

This old girl is nearly 10yo and she is a real sweetheart

And some of the Other cavaliers from the day….

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