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I’m a self taught photographer and shift worker, living in the beautiful state of Tasmania. I concentrate mostly on capturing...


Lack of activity?

Just to let you all know why I havent spent alot of time on the bubble recently, no excuse I know, but as a couple of you know I also have a few “other” things going on at the moment too!
I was assaulted in my work place by a patient armed with a fire extinguisher, and during the incident my pec muscle was ripped off the humerous (not) bone and 2 other tears and chipped front teeth. I’ve been off work since just before Xmas, had an operation and 4 pins inserted and I still cant start physio for a few weeks, and stuck in a sling until late March, and it could take 2 years to regain full strength?
Not really happy at the moment!



Home Page Feature

I’m very honoured to be Featured on the Home Page on the 18th Sept 2011.
I missed it as I was away, but would like to thank all involved for choosing my image!
I cant remember how to save the whole page so I will have to use a link ;)
And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years and say HELLO to all the great friends I have made on RB!

here tis

My shot

I'd like to see on RB!

I’m not sure what other’s think but I would love to see the availability of black pages on the calendars and how about desk calendars? I see these at work all the time, they’re a good promotional tool I’d say.
And,,,I want the “oldway” back for arranging the order of our images!!!!!!!!! Its really hard to find an image if you need to add a comment to it.

My trip to the ACT.

As some of you may be aware I was lucky enough to win the Landscape category in the My Region National Photography Competition, and travelled to Canberra for the launch at the National Sound and Film Archive.
I was very nervous about going but the people working there treated us really well and it was actually fun to meet and talk with others whom also love photography. And after a few interviews and pics and free food and meeting a decent politician I enjoyed the event.
I didnt want to lug my 5D all over the place and ended up taking my old 450D and the zoom lens which was a mistake,,so thanks to Phil and Geoff for these pics.

My Region site and the winning entries>

Me with my entry at the NFSA


Receiving the award from Simon Creen MP (and me looking very t

*Pretty happy*

I’m feeling pretty good today,,just got home from down the coast with Rene and the kids and opened the mail box and got a cd from Harra and then opened my emails (dont have the net down the coast) and discovered I had won this photography comp! hahahaa first comp,,first I’ve entered,,so very happy. As I’m not a student I dont get to spend the day with Steve Parish tho?? Orr well guess thats the rules.
Here’s the pic and the email they sent me.

EDIT>>> They’re flying me up now ;))
Dear Dale, Further to my email sent on Monday, I have some information regarding the launch which is taking place on Tuesday July 26, at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. We would like to extend our invitation to come to the launch by flying you to and from Canberra as well as providing you with

Software advice

Please forgive me if this doesnt make a whole lot of sense but I’m on the downhill run of night shift.
I have managed to search lots of info on software and maybe even more confused than before I started ;))
What I would like to know is this> what would be the most cost effective way of getting 1 or a few pieces of software that would firstly remove noise ie hot pixels and I’d like a good tool to spruce up portrait skin tones.
I have looked at quite a few but as I have CS3 I am not sure if they would operate with it and maybe I need to upgrade to CS5? And I’m not totally sure of what a “plug in” actually is???
Currently I download RAW images with the Canon DPP to my lap top,, then transfer them to CS3 to remove hot pixels or spots etc and use levels and maybe a few other little tweaks and the…

Photography on Exhibit

I’m not a bragger,,,nah true ;) but after being contacted by 2 different people I thought I should try and “sell” myself,,not in an alley hahhaa

I have been VERY lucky to be asked by David Murphy owner of the Cow ‘n’ Calf Art Gallery in Stanley to exhibit three 30’’x 20’’ framed prints for aprox a month and I have 3 more on display in the LGH (Launceston General Hosp) which is also my work place. I also have 11 more 24’’x 16’’ prints ready for framing and hopefully Murph will exhibit some of those as well; and they will be exhibited in the hallway leading to Northside Ward in the LGH.
I’m very grateful for this opportunity and hopefully it will lead me to something bigger?

The Cow

3 Sales

I wish to express my thanks to the persons whom purchased the 3 images of mine! I know we’re never going to get rich on RB but it still means alot,,,so thanks you very much!

Home Page Featured 2 ;)))

What a great way to wake up from night shift ;)) Jumped on RB and discovered that I have been Featured on the Home Page? What an honour! Totally rapt!!
Thanks to Fiona for choosing my image (thanks HEAPS mate); and well done to the other Featured photographers!
And thanks to all of you for commenting and “faving” my photographs,,its a great community on here!!

The actual photograph.

The Link.

HOME Page Featured! :)))))

First real chance I’ve had to do this,,not long been home from a trip down the west coast of tassie,,,BUT I am extremely honoured to have one of my photographs Featured on the Home Page on the 17th August 2010!!
I would like to thank the person responsible for this honour and to ALL of you whom have commented on this image before and after the Feature!!
And thanks to TraceyMac for letting me know this via text and in no certain terms hahaha ;)
And well done to the other image “owners” beside me!

The chosen image.

The link.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait