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We are a husband-and-wife team from Montreal, Quebec, that desires to share the beauty of God s creation through our nature photography.

It's been a long winter....

Many of us have experienced a very long, cold, snowy winter…and continue to experience it even though it’s officially spring! Here’s a little poem I wrote that expresses my feelings. I’m sure some of you can relate!!

Psalm for a Long Winter © Laura Hum

Go away, cold and snow,
This is spring! Don’t you know?
The birds should sing, the flowers grow,
It shouldn’t be 15 below.
Hear my cry, oh Lord, I pray,
I cannot stand another day!
And all the weatherman can say
Is that the warmth is on its way!
Give us strength until we see
The flowers bloom, the busy bee,
When from this winter we are free,
You’ll hear us all shout with glee!

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