Censorship of the Number One Bracketed Inside a String of Exclamation Marks

I just noticed that Red Bubble has a policy of censoring the use of the number one when bracketed by multiple exclamation marks. Try it, type a few of them followed by a few number ones then more exclamation marks. I understand this is to prevent people looking like morons who can’t keep a steady finger on the shift trigger when using multiple exclamation marks (which happen to be grammatically superfluous anyway if we’re going to be picky) but what if someone feels like using five exclamations in a row followed by three number ones and a couple more exclamations for a sarcastic over-fervent effect? More importantly, if people are accidentally doing this and not taking the care to review and edit their own work then they must be exposed! How else will they learn? In any case, this isn’t the Metallica Fan Forum and I don’t think Red Bubble is at any risk of becoming overrun by illiterate internet trolls any time soon, so I hereby call for the grammar filters to be scrapped!

Update: This also applies when you type the word “one” between the exclamations. Just how deep does this conspiracy spiral?!!! 1one1!!!

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