Birth of a new drive . . .

A continuation of my previous entry.
I managed to find a good deal on a Seagate 1TB, USB 3.0 drive at $78 and picked it up by bicycle yesterday (Wednesday) morning.
It is working fine but initially gave me some drama, as for some reason, my MacBook couldn’t see it.
That seemed to fix itself after a couple of disconnections and reconnections. Seems that it preferred to be pugged into the computer (the 1st time) prior to the power being connected and switched on. Well, that was what I did last and it suddenly appeared.
I immediately reformatted it for a Mac and then divided it into 2 partitions, 1 at 250GB as a ‘Time Machine’ backup (named ‘HG’) and the 2nd 750GB partition (named ‘Isaac’). I have already done the 1st ‘Time Machine’ backup, copied (a 3rd copy) my music library on to Isaac and an currently 3/4’s of the way through copying all the files I managed to save from the WD drive before it died.

On the network front, I also picked up a Netgear WN300RP wifi range extender, although with that, I am still having problems setting it up . . .
Looks like it’s going to be just the thing, when I do, finally, get it set up, as the signal strength here in my office is 5 bars (the house network is generally 2 or less).
I followed the instructions (lots of times) and have no problem setting up the extender network. I have no problems seeing the extender network on my MacBook either. The problem comes down to not being able to actually connect through that network to the internet.
Looking through various forums and have registered the product with Netgear and that gives me 90 days support. I’ve already let them know I can’t connect, so with a little luck, someone will call or email me with some suggestions.
Not going to let it stress me out though, just means that until it’s up and working, my on-line action will be limited.

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