More computing power

As many know, I love to create LightBenders in Bryce.
I have been using Bryce for about a decade now, used it from version 2.0
When it comes to reflection and refraction, in my opinion, Bryce is still one of the best.

Unfortunately Daz3D does not support Bryce at all, and it will not run on a Mac running an OS any later than Snow Leopard (4 OS generations back, so a great, great grandfather, now).

I make my LightBenders on my trusty, 2007, 1.83Ghz Dual core, MacMini (1.25GB RAM and an 80GB hard drive), which is pretty slow and renders can take days to finish ( the great, great, grandfather of the current MacMini).

So after some research, I decided to get the fastest Mac set-up that Bryce will run on, and that I can afford. The afford part, always most important.

So tomorrow, I should be getting delivery on a 2010 MacMini 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo, with twin 500GB, 7200 hard drives and 8GB RAM. This is a MacMini Server but I will be turning it into a standard ‘client’ system, as I have no need for a server . . .

It will be interesting to see how much quicker this new (to me) machine renders . . .

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