ex APA Phd student in operations research.
current fledgling poet and musician.
email: hudson.d.roper@gmail.com

Children and lunatics cut the Gordian knot. Poets spend their lives patiently untying it. God only knows what I am. You fucking never will.

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The parable of the bridge

There once stood a bridge built with wood from its natural environment. Trees grew through it. Their roots became mingled together. If one looked closely at its foundations, they could see generations, perhaps even centuries of construction. It was an ancient bridge, it was an old bridge, it was an unsafe bridge. So many people had lost their lives when crossing that bridge. For where it went nob…
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Global West Indian Cricket Team Idea

Why don’t they make it so that any west indian cricketer in the world i.e. any cricketer with west indian heritage, is eligible to play for the west indies, even those in non test country countries such as the USA? Remember, there is no such country as the west indies, so why should its borders lie limited in the way they currently are? they are not a country, they are a people. and they ar…
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Highway 53 Halloween Co-Incidents

so like i’m driving confidently through a well marked 50 km/hr zone at 61km/hr approximately at the beginning of highway 53 and i drive straight past a cop car and there are no other cars around. nothing happens. disappointed but thankful i look back and wonder a few more moments as i drive onwards on highway 53, soon passing bridge 61 as i have on many occasions in the past, / at the other…
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Revisiting the Gap between Words and Reality: Critical Reflections on the Symposium “Poetry as Social Action”

by Christopher P. Parr / “Painting relates to both art and life… (I try to act / in the gap between the two.)” / —Robert Rauschenberg (21) / “It seems you are objecting to more than just my presentation,” was the astute comment with which Ali Alizadeh concluded what had been an energetic exchange in question time between the two of us, after his provocatively free-form exposition titled ‘The Peo…
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Recently Added

Power never looked so thin

Dolphin endorphins / Esperanto Espanol / Girl interrupted, Girl asleep / Girl from the north country / Cast from the deep / Fearful of an o…

Broad Stroke Row

Sliders watching paint dry / One bear dances, one bear doesn’t / To sliver fire into an upstairs, downstairs kingdom of heaven situat…

On a thousand words more

Out of service, into play / The unbearable lightness of being / Otherwise than being / But which thousand words is this? / Which switch nee…

Still Falling

For God so loved the world that he split it in two, so that it fell slowly but surely into his lap

Still Wrong

Abraxas (Satan and Michael) / The Synchrist (Christ the Antichrist) / Lamech (Jesus the Anti-Holy Spirit)

about the size of it

neutral(ity) / switzerland / (the size of) mt. isa / isa (the muslim jesus) / the indian forgiver?

Jonah over ate

The cat’s in the cradle, the cat’s in the well / The cat’s splitting hairs over how he fell / The holy, war / The great, …

Peter Pan’s Labyrinth of Lies

In the aftermath of the holy war in heaven / I’m patrolling no man’s land / I kept my head down till I got buried in the sand /…

Babel Moments

Confusion is the highest form of forgiveness / When there is no way to kick against the pricks / The riddle of the middle was never fit for…

the holy snail

whilst st phillip is trying to rid the gospel of the pen / the japanese angle has been reduced by 57 degrees / there are phantom billsticke…

high time(s) fracture(s)

whilst st. philip tries to rid the gospel of the pen / i am a maso-chist, i am the syn-christ / i believe in rhyme within reason / but high…


born to die inside of emptiness / waves of fear return to forever
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