Hasn't Even Started Yet


Continual dripping on a rainy day
The good Samaritan shot down on the highway
Something strange thundered out of the sea
The fishermen plundered instead of me
Little boy lost on the road to Damascus
The blind man forgetting his poverty

Snow falling on cedars in Tibet
Mammals found in the Antarctic
The wastelands running out of room
You sent word you´re coming soon
Mushrooms bought fresh at market
Two women preparing supper in an upper room
One of them suddenly had to leave
Overheard her parents passed on
But she did not believe

Solomon took shelter from the thunderstorm
And disappeared to bed at noon
Wishing well he’d been borrowed or stillborn
’stead of marrying the goddess of gloom
The Challenger blasting off to the moon
To escape impending doom
The Holy Inquisition cornered in the Coliseum
All quiet in the British museum reading room

Mad dogs and nagging wives invading Poland
Learning English on the other hand
Einstein disguised as the whore of Babylon
His practice all in a ruin
Walking naked here on in
With the band they all play on
Reciting the Koran in Yugoslavian

Gethsemane just sold
For thirty silver pieces, bursting into flames
The last fire truck from Sheol
Ambushed inside the hard rain
Street fighters trying to make their way home
Immigrants gave them a weapons loan
Told them its peace they´re fighting for
But won´t let them see curtains torn
Closed for business ’hind market doors

Robin Hood diagnosed with Chlammydia
Babel brought down by the media
And the foolishness of the wise
Miss Universe put up a pretty good fight
But her perfume is surrounded by dead flies
That strayed into the light

Utopia completely submerged
Anthony and Cleopatra exiled to Ethiopia
Maggie´s farm can´t hear the famine coming
The unfortunate woman working in the rain
Stumbled upon a precious ring
But the politics of love are protected
By the last letter of the law
The Sheriff of Nottingham
And little children sitting on the floor
Imitating each other
Friend to the tax collector
And the seven sinner´s dependencies
Vindicated by their sealed deeds

Beaten slaves commissioned
Petitioning the book of life
Outside the gates of Eden
The circus has over run the town
The Pharisee standing proud
Overlooking the lonely crowd
Impailed by Barrabbas who found
A crown of thorns in a bed of nails

Adam and Eve now standing at my door
Showing up ahead of time as they were urged
To see if they can break Israel´s curse
Thinking back to that uneventful morn
Dressed in purple surrounded in a smoky mist
She bites an apple and wipes her mouth
Saying ¨I did no wrong¨
¨You know I´m the sister of John the Baptist¨
Adam breaks the bread he paid for idly
Offers her a kiss instead of me
And takes my cup refilling it with doubt

The stone table is set for Judas, Peter and Pontius Pilate
The bets have been laid and can´t be undone
Fear the only thing that fades
Now that we´ve killed everyone
Feeling torn, I put my right hand to my mouth
Pressing my nose until it bleeds
My confessions now on schedule
Waiting on the last train for the south
But I can´t leave without dignity
And anyway there´s no fuel that is affordable
The sad eyed prophet told me not to worry
Another flower will soon bear my seed

Everything is broken
Visions unsealed, Declinists unwheeled, Revelations revealed
But nothing has really changed
Fled myself only to find myself again
Took my advice but it turned into a vice
That someone else rearranged
Better keep working through the night
And hold on to my name
Stand before jealously, fierce as the grave
The morning will no doubt bring a change


From a violent dream and a little sleep I awoke
To the smell of sulphur and dense smoke
And the sound of wedding bells
Burning with anger
Thieves and wise men came from afar
The sky now emptied of pain
There is the brightest morning star
The wind has been restrained
But I can´t remember my name
I finally feel young again

Pirate ships back in from the red mist of rage
None of your seasick sailors made it home
But their hearts got washed up in an iron cage
Johnny came marching home again
On the road to perdition
Jerusalem laid in ruins
Confused by its latest decisions
¨I got out of there somehow¨ the joker said
Washing mud from his robes
And wiping sweat from his brow
He followed a trail of bread, apparently

The dead poets society resurrected
The rich man well respected
But troubled that the needle was a dud
The man on the moon still suspected
Soaking up fields of blood
Joan of arc woke well before dawn
Preparing tasks for those who invested in weeds
And faithfully mourned
The poor in spirit due to reap what they till
Lot outcast but gracious
Lucky he fled for the barren hills

Four survivors brought spiced food from far away
Reminiscing about the one that got away
The empty handed merchant seems surprised
He still has that look in his eyes
The tree of life unguarded
The sword swallower taken for granted
The wicked messenger won´t smile for the cameras
Tribute paid to him but made last in the kingdom
The meek to teach him how and when to speak

You appeared briefly but got carried away
Lazarus caught playing the crying game
I read the ten commandments for breakfast
The grapes of wrath were ruined by the frost
The wine has turned to vinegar
Ghandi and Judas are continuing to fast
Christopher Columbus ordered by Mr Hyde
To pay his never issued parking fine
He claims not to drive a truck
And not to believe in luck
That it was the pilgrim´s progress
That came unstuck
But along with the rose of Sharon
They´ve ascertained their saltiness

The rolling stone came to a stop
Picked up on the road to Emmaus
Cain has given notice
The land of Nod is covered in moss
Jonah is still on the run
But he can´t hide from the sun
Mary Magdalene married at last
But the great divorce has just begun
Her wedding ring unavoidably destroyed
Forced to test the waters of bitterness

A thief is still nailed to the cross
The raven has returned with his bloodied cloth
The little boy was found in the south
Working for the queen of spades
Having changed his orphaned brand
Claiming previously partitioned land
Recovering from famine and drought
Eating Egyptian fish at no extra cost
There is the first rites of spring
And the peace of the wild things
But the morning is lost

Everything is still broken
Scars unhealed, Ships unkeeled, Judgements revealed
Nothing seems to have really changed
Fed myself only to lose myself again
I took my advice faced with the last temptation of Christ
The serpent´s tongue out of range
Whatever happened in the darkest of nights
Its ashes cold returned to the clay
How many less hands grasped but all of them right
Raped by tears of blood that came back all the way?

Hasn't Even Started Yet


Kingston Heights, New Zealand

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