The Blessings of the Flush (Poem)

Dogs scorned by men
Encircle me
Pierce my face
Count my bones
Divide my garments
Cast out my cries
Darkness delivered
Into the endless pit
Concealed by a stone rolled away
By which they eat like worms
But will not be satisfied

Happy are the rich in spirit
For theirs is the impression of heaven
Happy those who don’t mourn
For they are already comfortable
Happy are the illustrious
For the earth will inherit them
Happy are those who hunger and thirst to be right
For they are full of themselves
Happy are the merciless
For they have already been shown mercy
Happy are the pure in deed
For they will see themselves
Happy are the peace-takers
For they will be called sons of bitches
Happy are those who persecute because of righteousness
For the kingdom of heaven has a special place for them
Happy are you when you insult, persecute and bear false witness
Because of the good in you
Rejoice but be very sad
Because your reward is last in the kingdom of heaven
And the kingdom of heaven has outlasted you

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