First Entry!

Well, I probably should have posted this the first day I joined up here, but hey, you can’t have everything, right?

Things for me have been pretty, well, for lack of a better word, boring.
That’s summer, alright. Hopefully it’ll get more interesting.

As of now, I’m trying to save up a few bucks, so that when my birthday comes (on July 13th), I can, with the help of whatever birthday money I receive, buy a digital SLR camera!

Actually, I made a post about this subject on Deviantart, so, instead of typing a new one, here is what I wrote.. I hope somebody can help:

I have recently started trying to save money, and have began searching for an upgrade from a point and shoot camera to a Digital SLR camera.
I’m looking for one anywhere from under $400 up to around $550 (USD).
Preferred brands are Pentax, Nikon, and Canon, though I don’t have to stick to those specifically. Preferably Pentax, though.
I’m looking for at least a 10MP for making good quality prints.
I’m looking for a DSLR that can also shoot in Raw format, or another way of putting it.. one that can create great HDRs.
Other things I’m looknig for:
~Built-in flash.
~Can take great macros (either with or without the help of external/additional lenses).
~Little to no barrel distortion (my current point and shoot has rather bad BD).
~Can take Compact Flash and/or SD cards.
~AA batteries or rechargeable lithium-type batteries.
~Preferably sharp and large LCD display screen.

Now, of course, not everything here is written in stone.
I just need help finding a great camera with those features within my limited price range. It’s possible, isn’t it? Anything close to $550 (if it costs more than that) would be fine.

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions!!!

Thank you!
I may also add that I’m a complete newbie to DSLRs, so I’m sure I said about 10 dumb things just now… Honestly, the last time I was handed a DSLR to take a class photo, I had to ask the owner where the shutter button was! or rather, which one was the shutter button. I think the photo turned out nicely, though.

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