NightMare! helpp!

how’s it hanging ??

Not so well for me thanks. hehe. well.. am here to share a nightmare of mine that is realllyy disturbing me…

Last nite… for some reason i was feeling unease… just a bit restless.. but i fell asleep eventually… then i was teleported to a dream la-la land… it started off quite well, i was perhaps in a foreign country like portugal or something, from what i can recall.. it has a narrow street with a few car parking on the side road… and the concrete road was like piled rocks… and has some vintage looking building.. it was rather beautiful..

so i was sitting in a cafe with apparently some of my family members… we were ordering something, and not long after.. the order came… we were chit-chatting. A few minutes later there was a mum and a little boy walking towards us.. as they walking pass us, my eyes and his eyes were connected in some way, so he stopped just next to me and smiled at me.. i smiled back at him and asked for his name while offering to shake his hands (for some reason it was in gibbrish or what sounded like Portuguese which i don’t even know the language lol ) anyway he told me his name was Nuno .

Anyway i asked him if he wants an ice cream or something… by now, his mother was already acquainted to my other family members.. and asked them to join us for a lunch or just a cup of coffee. anyyywhoooo , he said he wanted an ice cream.. so i ordered one sundae that .. after a few minues later , it came and it was freakishly huge, but he seemed happy about the size.. so that’s ok.

and then somehow.. it skipped the whole scene to where the mum said that it’s almost time for them to go home.. and the little boy was already running around, playing around the street… which appears to me quite dangerous, as he was running around between one side road to other.. so i yelled out , “don’t cross the street without looking side to side and be careful!” a few minutes later.. it skipped scene again to where the mum now is ready to go with her bag on her shoulder.. and found the little boy just a few feet up the street and about to cross the road…

As he was about to step on it.. and walk… I heard a really loud engines vrooommingg away somewhat sounded like only a few feet away from us… and then the next thing i saw was.. this car was storming pass the street… and then i noticed Nuno was about to cross the street.. .. and then.. BAM!!!!!! OMFG!! THAT fucking car hit Nuno!!! and the car ran into a cafe or a restaurant on that street.. It happened so fast.. like a speed of a lightning struck .. just like that… ..

so i woke up instantly that second.. feeling like shit.. like never before..

I don’t know what the dream means … regardless.. it was a freaking nightmare.. and i am still feeling the adrenaline running like a speedy gonzales~! (for those that watch loony tunes will know, lol ) so yeah… strange dream… for a strange night..

we just never know..

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