A New Venture

I have set up this page to display my husband and my photos. My husband has been an avid fan of photography for many years since taking an A level in the area. He is always snapping away and a true tourist as I call him on holiday. However, this has been an inspiration to me. Our house is covered in photos that only we have taken on our travels – from temples in Bangkok to the amazing blue ocean in Phang Nga bay to coffee beans in Bali. We are lucky enough that our families like the photos too and our work often appears in their homes.

With this in mind, my New Years resolution for 2017 is to improve my photography skills. At the moment, I am just a point and shoot kind of girl. Well the camera is now off manual mode and I have started to understand how it really works. Yesterday we started with a day and the farm and found I really enjoyed taking close up of animals. But the meerkats were just too fast for me! An area to improve on!

I look forward to sharing our future photos with you

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