this my sound crazzy but somtimes.

some times, since i am on this compture, alot many in day,it is almost like i am married to it,, It gets more tender loving care them … my best freind, or my lover. so thank god i am not still married,

and not sure my exhusban, would like it if he knew i posted, his picture on this web.

in way i still care for him, just beause was man enough, to take over the care of my son,

when i left him i was homeless, and working,

and my son was always dady’s boy, he never listened to me,

i don’t want him back, i just think the picture of him petting the camel,,, was kind of cool. and the other one with the camel, makeing sure it was in the picture. is kind of cool also.

i am little better, i hurt my leg, whem i fall on the side walk, it was dark.

did not see the part that was rasied up,

but i will o.k.

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