glad to be on this web site.

i been working, on my flim clip for you tube, whem i posted it the pictures was to small whem i posted it, so i does not, work, i have to take the time to save the pictures, bigger,i don’t like writing, in this site was a dean listperson in college. since i have good art skilles. but the one’s. whem mattered spelling.came in to, i did not do so well.i hope you can understand what write…. well my web page was,, posted. up online.i have a freind who did my spelling, grammer ceckes. for it.any way i am not feeling well right. now and need my rest. next. time i post may link to my web page.but any one if wants, to look for a web site. to post on i am not sure if my stuff is still on there. later,i am kind of sick. now. i need my rest.

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