horse artist

always have been crazy about horses…and i am crazy enough to think i’m a very good horse artist. i’ve gotten enough feedback to think i may be right but time will tell. i love all animals …not just horses… but horses are my main focus. having been involved in the horse business in many capacities has given me a big window into the heart of a horse. i have been a rider, trainer, show mom, foaling midwife, racetrack barn employee, pony ride business owner/manager, teacher and trail guide. i have groomed, bathed, trimmed hooves and given first aid. i have wormed and given immunization shots. i’ve fed, watered and cleaned stalls. and i watched …always studying how they moved and interacted. i’ve dealt with green horses, well broke and well trained horses and absolute holy terrors. i’ve met some very clever horses and a few equine morons [to be fair i’ve met way more human morons].for over 45 years i’ve been a student of the horse and i think my art shows what i have learned.

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