Artscape 2008

I went to Artscape yesterday. It was one hundred and four degrees. The best acquision of the day was a cardboard fan with the words “Gospel Music Fan” written on it.

I find that when I go to events like these with booth upon booth featuring the work of artists, I am drawn to the artists who have done something innovative with materials. My two favorites were a woman who mixed embroidery on silk with sterling silver and a man who mixed traditional ceramic glaze with crushed glass.

I entered one booth to find a woman sitting in a corner all but embracing her electric fan. There were 8 pieces hung on the walls and since it was the final day of Artscape, I’d correctly guessed that she’d sold a lot of work. She worked in a style similar to my own with generous coats of thick, textured paint, but she mixed in fabrics and other elements.

I love going to events like Artscape because it connects me to other artists. I am inspired, challenged, and encouraged by the innovation and insights of men and women who are engaged in the arts and risk bringing it to the public realm. To be innovative is often risky, particularly when the object is to sell the end results to folks who may not get the nuances of a piece and only are concerned with how it fits into their environment.

Since I’m going to Santa Fe in a few short days, I didn’t make a purchase at Artscape. But, I have collected business cards from several of the artists and can find them again should I be so inclined.

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