collaborative artmaking

I love collaborative artwork, though I haven’t made room for much of it in my adult life. As children, my sister would share a single piece of typewriter paper and armed with magic markers would draw together. Usually we would create a classroom. I noticed that she would quickly fill in row upon row of students while I was happily immersed in the details of my first student. Sadly, not one of these early images survived.

This week I spent a blissful afternoon with two other women. We were making the face of invitations to an art and prayer event. Armed with watercolor paper and a variety of paints, glues, and papers, we first created full sheets which would then be cut apart and adhered to the front of the cards. We each made several cards alone and then realized that some of our colors worked well together. This was where collaboration came into play. We anticipate further collaborative efforts on a grander scale at the day of art and prayer.

Collaboration is energizing. When my friends left at the end of our time together, I could not abandon the materials. I completed two tiny canvases and started a larger one. Isn’t it wonderful how artists can encourage one another simply by presence and working together?

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