Art, Prayer and Inspiration

I spend several days a year in times of intensive prayer. These events I have dubbed prayerathons. Over the course of time they have turned from 24 hour prayer only events where I lit candles every half hour and prayed through the night and into the morning and dozed off somewhere between two and six to twelve hour art and prayer events.

I have both set out with a project in mind (the first an academic assignment that had me bending over a stretched silk canvas to embroider “David Danced” over the course of sixteen of the twenty-four hours) and with absolutely nothing in mind regarding finished product. I allow the materials and the prayer to intermingle and inspire. I am very much a process not product person in these hours and yet I am always being surprised by what comes from these events. Several of these pieces grace the walls of my office and my home and most have found their way into the sanctuary as part of worship.

This summer I’ll be holding a prayerathon-like event with other local church leaders in my area. I am so excited that others are enthusiastic about spending time together in prayer and art-making. I’m praying that it will inspire more local church leaders to pick up this disciplined approach to both art and prayer in their own congregations.

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