~(~@ Chamuel @~)~

@ Chamuel @
H.D.M. 2003-Revised 2011

Silently unexpecting; late into the confines of the night I dwelt; meditating in the semi-darkness. The only ebb of light brought fourth by a single tapered candle. As I sat upright unstirred, my focus remained centered upon the light within & without, as well as the life-connecting energy centrifugal to the light. I pondered these meta-physical topics without ponder-ing-ment silently, without thought, lost within my mind. Steadily I continued, keeping my focus still upon these answers found within the non-thought and the questionable alteration in my state of being. In how many ways exactly was my energy brought about by the light; and how is it that the light indeed was made to become as I , a reflection of The Creator? When all of a sudden, a faint and yet, somehow surprisingly distinct three-rap-knock came upon my chamber door. Without further hesitation, I stealthily arose to see whom of my fellow men may be awake at this hour. There were no reasons I knew about for one to be here upon my doorstep, exuding such a quiet power. Upon answering I found myself in awe of an old beggar woman, unpredictably noticing within each aged fold and wrinkle of her possession a kind of wisdom that only the endurance of suffering could embody. There she semi-stood hunched over; short in stature due to the hump in her back taken on as a kind of tribute to the trials and tribulations she had lived through in her many years. The icy shock of the external temperatures suddenly restored my senses as I gazed upon her tattered cloak, each patch telling a tale laced with insurmountable wanting. It came to my mind that this strange elderly woman (whom ever she may be) must be about to freeze to death in the bone-chilling cold. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so bold as to approach the slight amount of warmth from the lone candle flickering without promise. The solitary quivering twinkle that could’ve only been seen from directly outside the small window of my shabby dwelling had indeed compelled her. As I could see she had no other defense against the winter chill, besides her prized possession, in fact, her only possession, this seemingly mangy cloak. I knew she must be desperate and had no way of finding any other pleasantly warming abode for miles. Although I knew not her purpose; nor how she came to be here, now, without question, I welcomed her entry.

She spoke softly, with a genuine meekness, however badly her teeth chattered, she remained composed. Even if her teeth did indeed carry on as if they’d like to run and jump freely escaping from her mouth she made her intent clear, wanting nothing more than a warm place to rest her wary ‘ol bones. She calmly spoke in repose despite the persistent bodily conflict. As she did so, she inexplicably looked upward and seemingly into me. Her cryptic eyes echoed an immense wisdom beyond ages, which reflected an impenetrable light of their own amidst the golden yellow ambiance. Despite her condition, or because of it, I’m not entirely sure which, I responded with utmost sincerity, "Take of my home as if it were thine own. "

I then continued on to build a fire to comfort the obvious desperation of the elderly woman. She warmed her hands without hesitation, and a youthful pink hue embraced her cheeks. Smiling with a growing vigor she turned to me and spoke softly as I charitably prepared warm water in a wash basin to cleanse the procured dirt from her calloused hands and sore feet. “You know,” she began, “I’ve searched the world for a kind soul like you?” This statement I have to admit threw me off guard, however I understood it as a genuine thank you, an old-timely sweetness that society has sadly forgotten, and I replied simply with a warm-hearted curvature of the eyes and lips.

I would’ve taken her ragged clothes and given her new, more-in-tact, somewhat protective clothing, but she shook her head and in an almost silly child-like stubbornness refused my offer. I admired her appreciation for what she had, and what I had already given her; so I let it be. Instead I offered her perfumed anointing oil pressed from the Frankincense Tree, growing happily on the other side of the world. This offer however, was one that would not be ignored, enticing another yet another long-awaited youthful spark within the surprisingly ageless eyes of the shrunken beggar woman. As I dabbed the oil upon her brow carefully anointing her, she almost took on the resemblance of a cheerful little girl, playing dress up and curiously trying on her mother’s “big girl” lipstick in the mirror. I was the mirror.

I couldn’t help but ruminate as I witnessed the changing demeanor of this, this strange enigmatic woman sporadically enjoying her new-found warmth caused by the now roaring fire in my living quarters. She sat, almost gracefully, smiling with her silver head cocked to one side in deep contemplation, and smelling sweetly amongst the earthen timbers. She could have easily been taken for someone’s well loved grandmother.

I craved to know more about how exactly this, this unexpected moment came to be. Despite the undesired breaking of the enchantingly peaceful silence, I did the only logical thing I could think of at an illogical time… I asked her about her travels.

As she could see I was genuinely interested in her, she gleamed, transfixed in an instant from an old woman into a youthful soul. In a gleeful response, she asked me to pray with her. I consented. In doing so from the purest will of the heart, we re-established the link of love within us all. For if God is Love, and we are all made individually in his image, everyone, then we too are made responsible to reflect this Love. Allowing the resonating of Love, as like speaks to like throughout the rest world as well. This single act, this purposeful prayer changed my life forever, as she delved into my heart, weaved my silent attempts to simply understand the now of the moment with the unrequited knowledge of life.

No sooner had we said our amens when she began to explain the continuances and normality of her now nearly completed assignment: i.e. ~ “The ever-hopeful search for mankind’s unreserved compassion towards one another.” She told me how she had been from foreign place to foreign place, some of which I had never in my wildest dreams heard of before, riffling through the world from disenchanted stranger to disenchanted stranger, all for an inkling of the prospect of kindness. " I have been on a long journey," she spoke careful and strong, almost with a secured caution as she proceeded, “In the Hallowed name of Tetragramaton I have faithfully sought out the unconditional Love of Brethren. Through streams, over great green lands, over ice and sand, through valleys and jagged peaks all the while cities rebuked me, countrymen cursed me, and masked gentle-men spat on me, no solitary spirit would have me. Famished, tired, and without rest I have endlessly continued on,” She paused to sigh with angel’s breath, “That is until tonight, because of you.”

The words echoed off the wooden walls not spoken really, but instead vibrating off of the woman who was now actually, yes, decreasing in age before my eyes. “Here I am,” she reverberated on, “I come to you, you who do not have much, and still, you are willing to take me in without cruelty or judgement, but simply as another soul, deserving no different than yourself. You have graciously shared all you have and all you are without facades or boundaries. You have befriended me in my time of need, without question. You trusted your heart allowing me in, not knowing anything about me besides that I am in need. Now, I will allow you to truly know my purpose in the knowledge of my name.” She was slowly becoming a powerful Loving glow, and nothing else existed.
" I am Chamuel, my intent is to bring about universal peace by finding one who lives in Love, simply for the sake of Love, to Love All, in every form, acknowledging the Spirit of The Lord within All things. For this, you shall be blessed by God! You will be blessed by Love for in fulfilling Love through Love one may become Love. Love without measured proportion, Love that makes the heart freely soar like a bird and the mind fluid like a fish in the sea, this will belong to you. You are truly a child of God, and He will keep you most high."

When this lady, this beggar woman, this Chamuel had appeared before me hours earlier, she held within each tired wrinkle the full weight of the world. As I knew her, however, she had become steadfastly brilliant in strength, in design, in her own light. Light that was now flooding the room, but there was no turning your head now, not while the real life meaning of the words hypnotically awesome had come into play. It was all I could do to keep from loosing my mind from the Glory, the abundance of Heavenly Bliss permeating the atmosphere crashing over me in wave after wave of exhilarating endorphins. In fact, I believe it may have been quite possible for all of the little, happy neurotransmitters to have had been firing off all at once. Nevertheless, where a crone once stood, now stood a beautiful woman, clothed in Light. She embraced me, and my body felt as if it would burst with the effect of her radiance. She spoke of Eternal Peace, Unconquerable Love, and Heavenly Happiness, without opening her mouth to utter a sound, it was like the Aether spoke for her now.
That was when it happened, my mind was completely aware of what my soul must’ve been screaming in the energized universal language the whole time. Upon this reckoning, this epiphany mind you, she had completely accomplished what she had set fourth to do and vanished into the light that had previously pulsated around her.

My mortal eyes have never been the same, I tell you. However, there I sat, left alone in the otherwise vacant room, the room that was the same as it had been, continued to be as had been before. All was Surreal; the remnants of fire in the hearth, and the glowing embers she had left in my heart, were all that appeared to be left of her visit.

There was only one thing I could do, I fell upon my knees in deep Thanksgiving, for he whom is Love bestowed Love upon me so that I may Love another. In Glorifying Glory, thou shalt be Glorified!

~(~@ Chamuel @~)~

Holly Motley

Austin, United States

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