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New Growth New Hope Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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New Growth New Hope
Designed by Holly Kempe
*“Young one you know how I’m older than thee?” said the largest of the trees, “Another is growing smaller than you and we must tell it the best thing to do” “I know, I know”, said the younger tree, “To grow as tall as the moon. Will it be sibling to me?” ‘Yes it shall, it will grow by and by.” And the trees stood and watched the new reach for the sky......."* Author: adgray See the rest of adgray's writing inspired by New Growth New Hope "here": _A surreal depicition of two larger trees bending over a smaller one and protecting it whilst silhouetted against the rising of a full moon._ !! *_"New Growth New Hope"_ Photography & Artwork by Holly Kempe ©* Sony a100 camera Photoshop CS4 artwork *_New Growth New Hope_ was featured in the:* # Shoot the Moon Group - April 09 # Trees Group - Feb 10

Metal Print

New Growth New Hope by Holly Kempe


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