Composition - Rule of Thirds Grid

You may already know this but just in case anyone would like some cropping help when trying to establish ‘rule of thirds’ composition, you can set the grid in your PhotoShop program to show you where the points of intersection are. I’ve often read where people say they just use their eye and usually it works well, however, I’ve been discovering that when I set the grid it produces some startling results with a new crop.…

Anyway, here’s how to do that just in case you didn’t already know.

I use PS Elements 5 by the way.

Holly :-)

1. Go to “Edit” and choose “Preferences” . The arrow will produce a flyout menu, choose “Grid”

2. When the new window opens, change “Gridline” to 33

3. In the space beside ‘gridline’, click on the arrow and change to “per cent”

4. Change “Subdivisions” to 1


Thank You To The Wildflower Group!

What an enormous surprise when I clicked on to my Activity Monitor to find that I’d won the Wildflower Challenge. Can you hear my ‘wooohooo’ from there? :-D

With many thanks to those who liked this photograph well enough to vote for it and to Vickie Emms and Blair Wainman for their work in hosting this lovely group!!

With a big smile,
Holly Cawfield :-D

Incredible Sports Photography--Take A Look!

Although I’ve never actually met Mark Greenwood in person, we’ve corresponded about photography on and off for the last couple of years and he’s been the most encouraging and helpful of people as I’ve asked questions and he’s sent me tutorials or equipment advice.

I haven’t asked Mark’s permission about sending out this journal entry and it’s something of an impulse of the moment after looking through his gallery here on RB. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m doing this…..or me telling you that he’s gone from amateur photographer to professional during the last year. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving photographer!!

Take a look at his gallery:

When you do make sure you see

Holly :-)

Calibration/Monitor Issues

I’m just wondering if someone has a bit of advice.…

I calibrate my monitor quite regularly but I seem to be dealing with some serious ‘drifting’ on the monitor. Ideally, I would be getting a new monitor for the one I have is pretty utilitarian, however, I’d rather spend the money on a new camera at the moment.

Each time I turn off my computer and restart it the monitor is brighter than before….making most photographs appear washed out. As a case in point, my photo First Impressions shows the columns to be a very rich coloured antique gold colour with the sky close to a cobalt. Turn the computer off and restart and the sky is just an ordinary blue, the columns a pale gold and the rest of the building looks almost blown out.

Is there something I need to adjust on the monitor or the comput

Utility Turkey

I don’t know if you call them that where you live but here we can buy frozen turkeys that only have one wing or leg and they are graded as ‘utility’. That’s how I’ve been referring to myself for the last few days. :-D

On Thursday this ‘turkey’ tripped and fell. I used my right arm to break the fall and wound up with an impacted wrist fracture. Broken in three places and the ends of the bones shattering with the impact into the joint. So I have a delightfully heavy plaster cast and some even more delightful pain meds!!! LoL

I am quite pathetic with my left hand so if i add a poorly typed comment to one of your photos just blame my turkey status……..or those meds!

Holly :-)

My New Website

I never seem to have much in the way of “News” when it comes to photography. I simply muddle along trying to get things in focus. :-) However, today there is a bit of news from me—my new website is now online. My eyes are crossing from staring at the computer monitor for so many hours!…

Holly :-D


There’s a thread in the General Discussion of the Forums at the moment regarding pictures that make you say “WOW!” See It Here

There are so many works on Redbubble and elsewhere that make me say “Wow” it’s hard to know where to start. However, there is a photographer I admire immensely for the incredible quality of his work and on such a consistant basis. It’s not work that has a lot of post processing manipulation ….it’s just great photography.

I can never decide w

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