Robert Holewinski

Charlottesville, United States

While in Korea I started painting during evenings and weekends as a way to pass the time.  Later in Washington DC, I spent weekends...

My painting titled 'Inhabitant Of Manville'

My painting titled ‘Inhabitant Of Manville’ , which was recently put on exhibit at is based upon an old black & white photograph of a person living in the town of Manville located in New Jersey. Sometimes referred to the ‘asbestos capital of the world’ by the residents, Manville was the home of the Johns-Manville Corporation.

One of the their main products was asbestos board and fiber. Needless to say, this was not a very healthy industry to be involved in, but back before 1960 no one gave it serious concern when on some days depending on the wind direction a person would have to sweep a white powder off their car before driving anyway.

Who the man is in the painting and photograph is unknown, just a resident or inhabitant. Manville in the past century was mostly Polish and Russian residents, and this seems clear when looking at the man in my painting. Manville still exists although Johns-Manville left town many years ago.

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