Ok I had this idea! A Assignment of sorts… Have someone else hold a clear sheet in front of you which will sybolize your sheet of paper. They will draw on the sheet with their invisible pen. You follow what their hand is drawing with their invisible ink. You are blindly drawing what they are drawing Not looking at your paper only look to place your pencil on the paper where the other drawer starts. Now after you have filled or half filled your page with whatever meaningless scribbles look at it twist it around and figure out what you see. Now make it come to life by shading in with color or black and white. Last but not least give the picture a horizon day or night or indoors even. this is a method of releasing your inhibitions going back to childhood. But using all of your adult methods to bring your work to life… Good luck tell me how it went I would love to see your work! Any questions write me please… If you dont have a second person to draw just scribble on the page with out planning or looking at the page it has to be using your 3rd eye get it! Then bring it to life once again by using shading teqnique’s. Then add the background… Kimberly

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