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Hoboannie is adventurous, traveling the world with a journal, a camera and an open mind.

She is an enthusiastic photographer, contemplative poet, passionate learner, contented wife, continuous clutz, eccentric aunt, wishful thinker, wayward traveler and mediocre cook!

Continually lost, she always manages to find her way back home with stories and treasures that otherwise would never have been unearthed.

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”
— Helen Keller

Hoboannie is celebrating inclusion of her poem, “Worth” in the Red Bubble Book: Courage, Compassion, and Friendship.
She got a lovely review from bubbler John Robb:
“Worth is a short written piece that beautifully conveys the heartbreaking reality of some situations in this world – where you find that all the compassion you can give can’t stop the progress of heartbreak.”
Thanks, John…and thanks Red Bubble!

BIG NEWS! Did we mention Hobo Annie is a world-traveler? She wasn’t always such a fearless adventurer. Ten years of her travel journals are now available in book form available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Follow along as she gathers her courage, faces her fears, and discovers the amazing, wonderful things that an intrepid explorer can experience if she is willing to hit the road. (Well, biting army ants and thieving monkeys aren’t that wonderful, but you know what we mean.)

More about Hobo Annie can be found on her website:

  • Joined: March 2008


"Non-creative Writing"

I was just going to add a hello here, since it has been awhile – when I saw the ‘tips’ box to my right. “Your journal is for non-creative writing…”. It made me laugh, since I think any act of writing is by it’s very nature, creative. We ponder on our choice of each word – does it sound right, feel right, offer the best explanation of what we are tr…
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What is a "Photographer"?

After he viewed the most recently added photo background on my computer this morning, I had the following conversation with a co-worker: / Him: “Your photos are really good, you should be a photographer!” / Me (confused): “But I AM a photographer.” / Him: “No, you know what I mean”. / After which I was treated to a lecture on how much money a good ‘pictur…
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"Compassion, Courage and Friendship”...and a little bird

It’s twu, it’s twu! hoboannie is actually published. If you purchase the new Red Bubble publication, and I know you want to, you’ll find her poem, “WORTH” included. She’s mighty proud of this accomplishment, so proud she had to use her real name so MOM can have a copy to brag on to the rest of her friends. Thanks, Red Bubble…I’ve been outed as a poe…
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I will not get in your box. I will not be labeled. / You can push me from all sides, World, and I refuse to get in. / Show me apathy, impatience, ignorance and despair. Give it your best shot. / I won’t become numb. I WILL still care. / I won’t be ashamed by my outrage at injustice. / I will speak my mind despite the ‘political incorrectness’ of my opinions. / I will be…
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