Sunday, Snarky Sunday

What an exciting week it was for women and rapists in America! Todd Akin, Republican Senate nominee from Missouri said if a woman is a victim of legitimate rape she can’t get pregnant, implying that there is no need for a rape exception to a ban on abortions. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” he proclaimed. Well, there you have it ladies! If you get pregnant from a rape it was not really rape. See, here is how it works: you have these little rape guardians in your vagina and if it is a “legitimate rape” those guardians will rush to cover your cervix which prevents rape sperm from entering your uterus. However, if you do become pregnant it was not a “legitimate rape” and your egg was just asking for it.…

Discussions about the upcomin

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

You’ve probably been taught to respect your elders. Most cultures venerate the elderly and seek their wisdom. Vice-Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan missed that life lesson. A senior citizen was beaten up and arrested for speaking up at a Paul Ryan meeting. Best not ask questions of Reich Wing Ryan, or Romney for that matter. You’ll get a beat down and catch a criminal charge too. How dare that old man ask a question. A QUESTION, mind you! How audacious!…

Paul Ryan likes to listen to Rage Against the Machine. What he doesn’t know is that he is part of the very machine they rage against. Tom Morello tells it like it is in an op-ed published in Rolling Stone:

Paul Ryan’s love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging agai

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

Mitt Romney, y’all remember him, right? No? Oh, well he’s that one percenter who wants to be President of the U.S. of A. He selected Paul Ryan to be his Vice President. Who’s Paul Ryan, you ask? Well, he’s that guy who is a devotee of Ayn Rand, wants to get rid of Medicare, supported free trade which resulted in companies moving most of their operations out of the country. Think his policies will be good for America? I supposed it depends on your vision of America. If you don’t like and want to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security unemployment benefits and highways, but you do like to see jobs shipped to low-wage countries, ever-lower taxes on the richest in the country, and abandoned factories then Paul Ryan’s your guy!…

Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as the next president of the

Monday, Monday

I was slacking on Sunday, Snarky Sunday. I painted my upstairs family room and cleaned my house on Sunday. To make it up to you, here is a special Monday edition of Snarky Sunday.…

The exploratory robot named Curiosity landed safely on Mars, Sunday. What an exciting adventure we have embarked upon! Speaking of adventures, have you ever wondered why we humans search for intelligent life everywhere except on planet Earth?

About the lack of intelligent life on Earth, the GOP has had a field day name-calling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He’s been called a dirty liar despite the fact that Mitt Romney could just release his tax returns and prove Reid a liar.

The one person who has seen about 10 years worth of Romney tax returns isn’t talking. John McCain knows what’s in those returns since

Should the USA Repeal the DMCA?

Don’t like that pesky © thing interfering with your right to take the work of others and use it as your own and maybe sell a few tee shirts as well? Here’s your chance to let the United States Congress know that you think the DMCA should be repealed so you can sell other people’s art without the worry of having it removed from a website!

Petition to Abolish the DMCA

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