just my ramblings.

My life is what it is……undescriable. I have tried and tried but the words have nt yet formed in entirity. I want to be happy. I know how and try but it is no longer left up to me. When will he wake up and realize that we dont have it that bad and that our love is still alive…….even if just within me. I long to be touch and a stare is wished for. I can be and have been everything he could ever want and what good has that done. I only showed that I will bend to make him happy….even if i’m not. that can’t be healthy. Its a beautiful day and as I stare out of this window I wonder why he can’t see the world as I do. A beauty to behold, and cherish. A wonderful gift it is. My hopes are fading and much to my regret I am beginnning to notice the beauty of life less. I hurts to die slowly like this……how did this ever happen.

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