A load of bull...

I think its time to have a laugh at my expense.
A day of instability in the skies. Convection, thunderstorms, cauliflower mushrooms in the sky. The first real spring signs trying to stop summer from arriving early! Woo hoo, the storm chaser in me comes to life and I am itching to get out of work and be free to do my wants.

Time – doesn’t it drag when you want it to fly?

5:30 – time to go! 30 minutes to home, no traffic lights, no stop signs …. and ….. no damned storms! What? no no no… The daytime heat has gone and with it the instability.
Then – the phone rings. "flashes to the west!
Alright, grab camera and stumble in the dark off across the paddock, through the gates, through the pines to the hilltop with the view.
Senses are wired, eyes straining, c’mon flash again! Just one bolt would be enough.

“sniff, snort” What the?

Oh, thats right the cows are in this paddock.

Haste makes you forgetful.

Oh – the bull is also in this paddock. Oh the bull is black and hard to see in the dark. Oh the Bull is 10 feet away and looking straight at me with my interesting shiny gadget called a camera. hhhhmmmm, is he moving towards me?

Its hard to see.

hhhmmmm – judges distance between gate and me and distance between bull and me.

Coward takes over and I back away through the gate with a big black shadow following.
Whats that warm wet feeling on my foot? hhhhmmmmm Cow poo boot!

No lightning, no storm, no photo’s, wet smelly foot.
Damned Bull LOL

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