Not enough time and thanks to all

What happened to all the time we seemed to have in “the good ole days”. Have we become worse time managers, has time sped up relative to age or is it simply that we are just too busy.
I find it frustrating that I spend more time doing stuff I don’t want to do at the expense of the stuff I do.
I would rather be out and about with camera, a good storm, a good landscape, a good portrait and a cold beer or glass of port to spur on the images.

This leads on to a huge thanks to those who make the comments on ALL images across the ’Bubble. Receiving comments is a HUGE motivation to get out and capture the world.
I also get great pleasure from perusing through the fantastic artwork on this site, which in turn also spurs me on to pick up the camera. I just wish I had more time to browse as the amount of amazing images and artwork here is both astounding and alluring.

I flit in and out of this site as time permits, making comments in between uploads and work on my own site (hillsrain) But its a slow progression and I find myself often staring into the screen, mind blank and lost in the images in front of me. Which is a blessing in orders of magnitude after a busy day!

Thanks all!

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