At work

Why do I have to go to work? Can’t someone support me in the manner in which I see fit? I am not an expensive person. Really…

If everyone in this country (and beyond) gave just 50 cents to my retirement fund as a once off payment, that would do it. C’mon all, hows about it 50 cents?

Seriously work does get in the way of life hey. All the best storms happen during work hours, the best landscapes seen on the way to work (usually when running late!)

Ah well, I writing this at work while trying to find the motivation to return to work and actually earn my keep.

Is it home-time yet?

They say “life is wasted on the young” Yes this is true and hard to argue unless you are young and wasting life.. LOL
But in much the same mould " retirement is wasted on the old"

Stuff it all ;-)

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