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June 2010

The Summer Solstice is almost upon you, and it opens you into a season

of intensity and complexity. This is no ordinary, easy, “laid-back”

Summer. This period is one in which you will be called upon to make clear and

deliberate decisions about your life and your world on a daily, if not a

moment-by-moment basis. The change in your world, like a great tsunami, is upon

you. It has built with amazing speed over the past five months, and will now

sweep through all that you know.

As many of you are aware, there are tremendous astrological aspects at

play on your planet this Summer. What your astrologers call, the "Cardinal

Cross" will set the construct for much of the decision-making that is

incumbent upon you in this time, and there is no one who will not feel the power

of its pull. We tell you again, that there are big changes afoot, and no

one will be exempt from the affects of these.

Already, we know that you feel like your world is gone crazy – the

energy is crazy, relationships are crazy, your bodies and minds are crazy,

nothing is stable, planning is an impossibility, nothing is clear, and your life

feels as though you are attempting to live it inside a wild tornado. We

are here to tell you that this will all intensify over this Summer.

If you look over the last several transmissions, you will see that all

that we have been sharing with you leads to this place, and that we have

been attempting to give you knowledge and tools to enable you to move with

this transition in a graceful and empowered way. Today we will share more with


We begin in an unusual place, by talking about what is happening for

your very close and beloved partners and companions – your animals. Many

many of your dogs, and some of your cats were very ill or injured at the

beginning of May. Many of your dogs passed out of their physical forms at this

time. We understand how devastating this is for you, and we cover you in

condolence. What was happening that had such a profound affect on these animals?

Time to Come into Alignment

On April 28th, a great hole was ripped in the membrane surrounding

your cosmos. Just so you can have a bit of a picture of this: There are 12

dimensions or universes that make up a world. There are 12 worlds that make

up a cosmos. There are 12 cosmoi that make up a rakiah. You are in the 3rd

Dimension or Universe of the 4th World of the 5th Cosmos of your Rakiah.

You can imagine that there is a “membrane” at the edge of every energy field.

On April 28th, that membrane of your Cosmos was torn asunder. All sorts

of energy began to pour out of this hole, and on April 29th, your entire

Cosmos was so destabilized that it flipped upside-down.

How could this have happened? Who did this dastardly deed? It was

none other than Metatron, the head of the Archangelic Realm, who ripped the

hole in the membrane of your Cosmos. And why did he do this?

You will recall our transmission in February, in which we told you

about Earth’s decision to abandon her original plan for a slow, measured evolut

ion toward Oneness, and adopt “Plan B,” which calls for all Human Beings to

choose either 3-D (Separation Consciousness) or 5-D (Oneness

Consciousness), by the Summertime. This was an enormous shift for Earth, and results in a

foreshortened evolutionary trajectory. It means for you that the movement

will be much quicker, more dramatic, perhaps even violent, and much more


In order to handle this evolution without fragmenting, Earth needs to

be in absolute wholeness. Metatron ripped the hole in the Cosmic membrane,

stood the Cosmos on its head, and rocked your world, so that Earth can shake

herself into alignment with all her aspects, through all time and space -

so that all of her, in her many incarnations and expressions, can be fully

aligned in Oneness – so that she is strong and anchored in the fullness of her

essence, and the truth of her expression.

All of her quaking and volcanic erupting are in response to this. She

will be in full alignment by the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Balancing into Your Heart

Obviously, it behooves all of you as well, to do as your mother is

doing, and shift and move as you need to, to enable all aspects and expressions

of your being to come into alignment. In this way, you too, will have the

strength of a solid central core to keep you whole and integrated, so that

you are not fragmented by this accelerated evolution.

There is but one clear way to do this, and you indeed, are beginning

to do this. Always, to find your balance, you have balanced in relation with

your Earth. Always, to be in the flow of energy, you have aligned your

polarities with Earth’s. This has grounded you in the 3-D time-space of the

present. It has allowed you to walk symbiotically with your mother through

her linear herstory.

You are now being asked to shift your ground – and to anchor into your

own heart, rather than into your Earth. From now on, when you balance, you

will find your balance in relation your own heart, rather than with your

Earth. Why? Because the heart is your full multi-dimensional portal. If you

can shift your focus, your grounding, your home, to your own heart, you go

to live in unlimited time-space. In unlimited time-space, that is, in full

multi-dimensionality, is all vibration, all dimensions. And of course, then,

you can find there, and re-member, all aspects of you that have ever been

expressed throughout all time-space – and align all of them, and your current

expression with all of them – and so, come into wholeness.

We know that many of you, as you begin to do this, are more and more

in tune with “past life” experiences and stories. We know that many of you

are finding very old deep parts of you and your stories rising to the

surface, moving through your awareness, sometimes, demanding clean-up work be done.

You are becoming more and more in touch with all of who you are and have

been and will be.

All of this of course adds to the intensity of the time, and the

levels of chaos and confusion you are experiencing. Some of you may feel quite

lost in the layers of lifetimes and experiences, forgetting where you are,

what day it is, why you have acted as you have. All of this makes for much

greater brain-fuzziness, loss of clarity and clear recall, and general

disorientation, as the linearity of the brain is flooded with multi-dimensional

experience. We have told you now many times, and tell you yet again, that you

are truly losing your minds.

The Roles of Animals

But back to your beloved animals… Originally, Humans had much greater

capacity and myriad gifts than you currently have. Originally, you were

capable of carrying and holding a wide variety of energies and bodies of

knowledge. When Earth “fell” from 5-D to 3-D, you lost those capacities – and

animals picked up the slack for you. Since the “fall,” and the loss of the

Oneness Consciousness of the Garden of Eden, animals have held many of the

energetic functions that you once held yourselves. And they have agreed to

hold these for you until you are evolved enough to take back the

responsibilities yourselves.

It is common knowledge, for example, that whales and dolphins agreed

to hold the herstories of your Earthplane for you, until you could hold your

own stories yourselves. And it is common knowledge that canines, with their

tremendous loyalty, are holders and anchors for 3-D for you. Likewise,

there are many who know that felines hold the energy of 5-D for you.

But to say that the job of dogs is to anchor 3-D, and the function of

cats is to hold the energy of 5-D is incomplete. The full truth is that the

energetic function of dogs has been to hold the heart-space for you in 3-D,

until you could hold and live in that heart-space, yourselves. And the

energetic function of cats has been to hold the heart-space in 5-D for you,

until you can hold and live in that heart-space, yourselves.

And so, as you actually do turn your focus and center to your own hearts,

and begin to occupy that multi-dimensional place, dog’s job with you

begins to be complete, and begins to shift, as dog no longer needs to fulfill

that energetic function, as you take it back. And this is so for some Humans

and some cats as well. And so many dogs have decided to let go, and go

forward, and move on – because in many ways, they have been discharged from

their duties, and are no longer needed.

As they give up their ancient roles, many of your animals are worried

that you will no longer love them, because they are no longer "earning their

keep." You may see animals who are very “clingy” right now, or putting

your love to the test, with erratic behaviors and even misbehaviors. All the

roles are shifting at this time, and will continue to shift and change for a

long time to come. Reassure your animals of your ongoing love for them.

Know that their injuries and illnesses are expressions of deep stress and

distress for them at this time.

Loss of Energy and Your Oil Spill

So many of you continue to experience such incredible exhaustion. And

many of you have been feeling as though you are starving no matter how much

you eat. Please understand that your loss of lifeforce energy is a

reflection of the tremendous energies being lost from your Cosmos, through the tear

in its membrane.

Now, let’s look at the continuing gush of oil coming from your Earth

in the Gulf of Mexico. Can you see so clearly, how this continuing loss of

“energy” from your Earth is a reflection of the energies gushing out the

hole in the membrane of your Cosmos?

Earth is re-membering, and aligning, all aspects of herself. And as

she does this, all the unfinished business from the entirety of her

expression through all time-space is rising for healing and release – just as it is

in you.

No matter the genius and creativity of your Human minds (which is

substantial), no team of experts can yet figure out how to stem the flow of the

oil gushing into your oceans. Why? Could it be that Earth, in her

alignment work, needs to release the energies that are a part of the fossil-fuel

experience in her herstory? Could it be that in order for Earth to be whole,

she needs to release the suffering of these ancient animals that she has

been holding? And you say, "But so many of her ecosystems will suffer as a

result of this!" And we would answer you by suggesting that Earth, like you,

is on her way to living in her heart. And in the full multi-dimensionality of

that unlimited time-space, perhaps she will no longer need to hold this

experience – or any experience, for that matter!

Your world is rocking. The huge shifting is just beginning. Can you

sense the excitement that is building, as change comes and fills the air?

It is this that we wish to focus on now.

The Window of Choosing

On June 6th, there was a great opening for you, and a major download

of energy for every Conscious Being on your Earthplane. This download of

energy accelerates the power of intention for all Consciousness on Earth. In

recent transmissions, we have shared with you that your plans and actions

mean less than they used to, and that your intentions and desires mean more

than they used to. With this download, all of your intentions are magnified a


What this means is that all of your positive intentions will be larger

- and all of your negative intentions will be larger. And with the

magnification of intention, manifestation becomes almost “spontaneous.” You will

find that in your societies, and on your planet, what you term, “negative,”

that is, fear-based, limiting, oppressive, dark, constrictive, has the

potential to grow bigger. And what you term, “positive,” that is love-based,

expansive, freeing, enlightening, has the potential to grow bigger.

Depending upon your choice in each moment, either Love will grow larger, or Fear

will grow larger, either Light will grow larger or Dark will grow larger,

either Oneness will flourish, or Separation will flourish.

When Earth moved her (and your) evolution to “Plan B,” she abandoned

the gentle incline, and gave you, her children, a deadline: She says to

you, "Either you are aware of the possibility of Oneness, and choose to move

toward that level of Consciousness, or you choose to remain in Separation. If

you choose to remain unaware of Oneness, then you will not continue to

journey with us, but will continue on your own path of evolution, separate. If

you choose to hold only to 3-D, here with us, you will become less and less

significant, more and more irrelevant."

Your Earth has drawn a “line in the sand,” a deadline for you – or a

lifeline, depending on your choices. That choice-point begins on June 15th,

and the choosing-window remains open until the Summer Solstice on June


You received this download of energy to accelerate the power of your

intention, so that the difference, the separation, between the positive and

negative, between Oneness and Separation, between Love and Fear, becomes

crystal clear for you. So that it is impossible to miss it. So that no one can

say that they did not make deliberate choice because they were ignorant.

In your world, you will graphically see the Light becoming lighter, and the

Dark becoming darker. The chasm between the two will grow larger, so that

the difference is unmistakable.

What will you do with your intention? How will you use it? However you

choose to use it, be sure that it will be. In each moment, what do you

deliberately choose? Oneness or Separation? Love or Fear?

The Astrological Construct

The great Cardinal Cross in your heavens, beginning at this time, and

affecting you through the end of the solar year, amplifies and enables this

choosing. In this Cardinal Climax, four of your outer planets, Jupiter,

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, form a T-cross at the first degrees of the cardinal

signs. They take turns squaring each other, so that you are inexorably

pulled between expansiveness and limitation, between quicksilver, surprising

evolution and deep transformation, between obstacles and success, between mental

change and emotional change, between optimism and responsibility, between

the old ways and the new ways, between revolution and establishment, between

immovable object and irresistible force.

As you know, we have really never put astrological information in

front of you in these transmissions. Because of the intensity of these energies

in this time, we would like to call your attention to the heavens. In

addition to the construct created by the Cardinal Cross, we wish to tell you

about the heavenly aspects on the day of your deadline. On June 15th, Venus is

trining Jupiter, and Mars is trining Pluto. When planets “trine” one

another, they work synergistically to enhance each other’s energy. And so, on

June 15th, Love (Venus) is expanding (Jupiter), and war or aggression (Mars)

is contracting (Pluto). Most of you who are reading this transmission have

already chosen the path of Oneness Consciousness. But even if you wait until

the last moment to choose between 3-D and 5-D, even then, the choice is

dramatically placed before you, as you experience the energy of Love exploding

and aggression imploding. No one will be able to miss the deadline.

What’s Happening with Relationships?

As you move closer and closer to this window, many of you are noticing

that all sorts of people with whom you once felt close, are drifting away.

Sometimes there have been “fallings-out,” but for the most part, some of

your friends, colleagues, even family members are feeling more and more

distant from you, less and less significant in your lives. We know that this is

very disturbing for some of you, and that many of you are feeling quite

lonely, isolated, and concerned about this. Some of you are noticing this

happening, and are feeling sad, but also detached. Of course, this shifting in

relationships is about the directions that all of you are choosing for


We would tell you that if you are involved in an I-Thou couples

relationship, and both of you choose the Oneness Consciousness of 5-D, your

relationship will move to the next level of evolution. Needless to say, that if

one of you chooses 5-D and the other, 3-D, you will find that you drift from

one another.

This is a very personal choice. No one can make it for you, and no

one can influence you. You are here in body at this time because you signed

up to choose at this juncture. It may be the most important you choice you

ever make.

The 6-Sided Point of Essence – of Love

Now that we have spoken astrologically, we will shift channels, and

speak numerologically. You will notice that you received the download of

energy to enhance your intention, on the 6-6. You will notice as well that the

deadline on June 15th is also a 6-6 (1+5=6). You will also see that there

are 6 days between the opening of the window on June 15th and its closing on

June 21st. And you will notice that the closing date, June 21st, is a 9,

the number of completion.

What are all these 6’s about? 6 is the number associated with Love.

If you think about a flat representation of the merkavah, you see that it

is made up of two intersecting triangles, an upper triangle, and a lower

triangle. The upper triangle, with its thrusting point is know as the masculine

half of the merkavah, and the lower triangle with its chalice shape, is

know as the feminine triangle. Together, intersected with Love, they become

the merkavah, the multi-dimensional travel vehicle, and can be found in your

heart. The merkavah, in its flat representation, has 6 points.

We will take you on a quick detour here, so that you can truly

understand the enormity of shift that is happening. You have many many bodies.

Some you know very well, like your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

bodies. Some of your bodies are more subtle, like your etheric body or your

astral body. The highest subtle body you have is called your Point of

Essence. Imagine that Source is like a great beachball, with many sides, and a

great Light shining in the middle. Your Point of Essence resides on one of

those sides of the beachball. It is your highest subtle body, and it is

Source – it is your I Am Presence, your GodSelf. Imagine that all Points of

Essence are pentagonal apertures, which allow the Light of Source to flow

through. That SourceLight is shaped by prisms which are unique to you and line

your Point of Essence. That uniquely shaped SourceLight then flows through

your Central Column, and we call it your LightBody. Its job is to animate

all the bodies which have organized themselves around your Central Column.

So, all Points of Essence are 5-sided, and each is unique because of

the prisms that line it. In the beginning, the original Human Being had a

6-sided Point of Essence, along with the hexagonal Points of Essence of all

other Sentient Beings. At the Fall from 5-D to 3-D, Human Beings lost a side

of the Point of Essence, and it became pentagonal.

As the number 6 holds the energy of Love, so the number 5 holds the

energy of change. By the time the window of choice closes on June 21st, if

you have chosen the option of Oneness Consciousness, your Point of Essence

will transform from a pentagonal shape to a hexagonal shape. You will have a

6-sided Point of Essence. That is, your essence, your I Am Presence, will

let go of change. You will be done with the changing, the transitioning, that

has been your essence since you originally lost Fifth Dimensional

Consciousness. Since the Fall, you have made it your essence to transition back into

Fifth Dimensional vibration. With this choice, your transition will be

complete. You will have arrived. And so your 6-sided Point of Essence will

ensure that your essence is Love, that you hold and anchor and are Love.

And so, we circle back to the beginning of this transmission, and you

understand more completely why you are now anchoring into your own hearts

rather than into Earth, why you are finding your balance in relation to your

own heart, rather than with your Earth, why you are making your heart, your

home. It is also the home of your merkavah.

You Can Be a Being of Love

There is one more piece we would like to share with you. We take you

back to the hole that was ripped open in the membrane of your Cosmos. It is

necessary that this hole remain open, because now, not only is energy

gushing out, but new energy is flowing in from the larger Rakiah. This new

energy carries a new kind of lifeforce in it. It carries the seeds of the new

hexagonal, 6-sided Point of Essence for you. Can you take in the seeds that

will grow a new essence within you? Can you conceive of yourself as a Being

of Love? We offer you a process to support this conception:

Stand with your hands at your sides, palms facing forward, and say:

I now have 100% desire to Be Love

I now have 100% desire to Be One

I now have 100% desire to Be One In Love

Oh Dearest Ones! How far you are coming! How strong and determined

you are! We bless you that you are blessed a thousand-fold with the blessing

with which you bless this Cosmos. You are Be-Loved!


The Ascension Council

(Six Members of the Council

of Ascended Masters)

Summary Points for June, 2010

  • Summer opens into a season of intensity and complexity, a time to

make clear and deliberate decisions about walking in Oneness or walking in


  • On April 28th, Metatron opened a hole in the membrane of your

Cosmos. The destabilization flipped the Cosmos, so that a destabilized Earth

could shake herself into alignment with all aspects and expressions of herself,

throughout time-space, and so become strong enough to handle the rapid

evolution of Plan B, without fragmenting.

  • As Humans engage in a similar process, you anchor into the

multi-dimensionality of your heart. The linearity of your brain is flooded with

multi-dimensionality, and the loss of your mind continues.

  • When the Garden of Eden was lost, Humans also lost the capacity to

carry on many functions. Animals carried those functions for you. As you

make your heart, your home, you re-assume some of those functions, and your

animals’ jobs are complete with you. Some animals are leaving; others are ill;

all need reassurance.

  • The unremitting gush of oil in the Gulf of Mexico reflects the

energies gushing from the hole in your Cosmic membrane. Perhaps Earth needs to

release these energies.

  • On June 6th, all Conscious Beings on Earth received a download of

energy which empowers your intentions. You will notice that both positive and

negative intentions are magnified, and the differences between Love and

Fear, Oneness and Separation are amplified.

  • Plan B goes into effect between June 15th and June 21st. Each of you

will clearly choose whether or not you will let go of 3-D and choose the

Oneness Consciousness of 5-D. As the deadline draws near, you may feel

yourself drifting away from some in your life with whom you have previously been


  • Astrologically, the Cardinal Cross, which begins this summer, will

amplify the push-me-pull-you sense of this great choosing. The numerology is

clear: if you choose 5-D, you will be moving from the 5-vibration of change

to the 6-vibration of Love. Your very Essence will shift.

Suggestions for Using These Cosmic Times to Make Life Easier

1. It is time for you to balance and anchor into your own heart, your full

multi-dimensional portal, rather than into Earth. Then you will be home,

and live in unlimited time-space.

2. On June 6th, there was a major download of energy for everyone. It

makes your intentions larger – both your negative, fear-based intentions, and

your positive, love-based intentions will grow bigger. Make deliberate

choices, over and over again about what your intentions will be. Your choosing

either takes you forward into 5-D, or leaves you behind in 3-D.

3. The Window for choosing is between June 15th and the Solstice on June

21st. This is the deadline of Plan B. The clear differences between Fear

and Love, between Oneness and Separation, will be placed before you. No one

will be able to miss the choosing.

4. A new energy is coming through the hole in your Cosmic membrane, which

carries the seeds for the new 6-sided Point of Essence.

Use the process to

assist you in conceiving of yourself as a Being of Love.

For the Spiritually aware


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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