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I know it is a bit long but well worth the read, especially for Americans. enjoy hugsxxx

New Moon in Libra: September 29, 2008th

This New Moon in Libra arrives one week after the Fall Equinox, which means the equinox a week ago occurred during the last quarter Moon of the previous Virgo lunar cycle. Therefore, the harmonics of the Fall Equinox will be potently released during the New Moon in Libra, and they will build and culminate during the Full Moon on October 14. As this balance comes into form, Mercury, dancing like a jester in the king’s court, will disseminate this strong lunar pattern. So, what are Libran harmonics all about?

When Libra is on the stage, it is time to think deeply about the most significant relationships in your life. Are you really in synch with the people you are supposedly are the closest to? Have some grown beyond you, or have some fallen away into their own patterns while you’ve been moving quickly along? The need to consider this is especially poignant this year, since on November 12 we are finally passing out of Night Five of the Galactic Underworld. [See The Mayan Code by Clow.] During Night Five, Tezcatlipoca, the Mayan god of destruction, wreaked havoc as was expected. For most people, the fundamentals of basic material reality have been greatly changed this year. Since November 2007, it has been difficult not to lose sight of those we care about while struggling with great new challenges. The few people that matter to you may have zipped past your eyes like ghostly hands waving in the windows of passing trains. Yet, taking advantage of Libra’s lunar potential accelerates your personal growth, and the best way to assess how you’re doing is to look honestly into your close relationships-your mirrors. Ah, the scales-oh, so Libran!

The New Moon, Mercury, and Mars are all in Libra, so your sense of self (Sun); your feelings (Moon); your mental tracks (Mercury); and your ability to use force (Mars) will be expressed within close relationships. Yet, the collective field in the US and the world is extremely confusing right now because of the building financial collapse amidst the US elections. Added to this during October, your ability to separate the close and personal from the collective will be extremely challenged by Mercury retrograde. What follows is very complicated, yet you don’t really need to understand the astrology. You can just sense what this dance in the sky is going to create by merely registering my interpretation: On September 24, right after the Sun went into Libra (Fall Equinox), Mercury turned retrograde in the sky in 23 Libra. Mercury will pull way back and go direct on October 15 (right after the Full Moon on October 14) at 7 Libra, the same degree as this New Moon. This means that until October 30, Mercury will more deeply process events that occurred from September 4 through 24, which actually is a hot financial tip. The Sun during the Full Moon in October will be at 22 Libra, one degree off the degree of the September 24 Mercury retrograde. That is, Mercury retrograded September 24 on the same degree of the October 15 Sun during the Full Moon, and then it goes direct on 7 Libra-this New Moon-just before the Full Moon! This Mercurial dance is going to put a stake into the well-oiled heart of the Bushite machine: the Wall Street banks.

I know how confusing this sounds, because it took me an hour just to figure out what these patterns might create. The set-up made me feel like I was a python that ate a human who was too large to swallow, and so he disgorged him. So, I will describe it in another way: When Mercury stations direct on October 15, right after the Full Moon in Aries, it will be at 7 Libra, the same degree as this New Moon in Libra. Thus, this solar/lunar Libra cycle is all about Mercury in Libra, which probably will create some very tricky events in your life. Mercury rules our basic mental function, and for most of us, Mercury creates mental chattering, frittering, scattered thoughts, and a tendency to be distracted by the collective field. Thus, during the first two weeks in October, it is going to be incredibly difficult to focus on your personal relationships because of this Mercury retrograde pattern.

Also, during the New Moon, Mercury is close quincunx Uranus in Pisces, which is exact the next day. That is, Mercury will be pushing Uranus to create surprises probably in religions and/or spiritual revelations; Sarah Palin might stick her pretty foot in her mouth, speaking of pythons. Confusion will not abate until October 30 (when Mercury gets past 24 Libra), just after the next New Moon. To offer you a sense of how chaotic the outside world will be during the first two weeks of October: Mercury retrograde from September 24 through October 15 means it is very doubtful that the financial markets will settle down. Financial experts are trying to force Congress to agree to a complex and very dangerous taxpayer bailout that will mostly protect rich speculators and investment bankers. And since they didn’t pass the bailout bill by September 24 when Mercury went retrograde, it is unlikely they will do it before the Full Moon in October, if ever.

With strong mental confusion being the constant distraction just when individuals need peace and harmony, let’s look to the other planets to see how you might use their potential to make some progress with your personal relationships. Years ago, I used astrology for marital counseling. Often I’d advise clients to avoid playing out the forces of the difficult aspects between their two natal charts, and instead, I showed them how they could utilize the useful aspects as much as possible. That is what you need to do with the Mercury chatter this month: Put Mercury in a box and shut the lid, and use the other planets to get along. For example, Venus, which went into Scorpio on September 23, right after Mercury went retrograde, is in deep and transformative Scorpio during the New Moon. So, Venus, the goddess of love, is your best support. Venus loves to be in Scorpio where she gets to express her passion and love of beauty and harmony; she can guide you into the bower of love and joy no matter how much your head is chattering; Scorpio can always drown out Libra.

Venus is in a wide sextile to grounded and sensual Jupiter in Capricorn, so turn off the news (Mercury) and jump into the sack! During the first two weeks in October when the world will seem to be going mad, cook lovely dinners, take long walks, curl up with a philosophical book; just let the world (and Night Five) go away. Remember, regarding time acceleration, one year of the Galactic Underworld (AD 1999-2011) is like twenty years during the Planetary Underworld (AD 1755-2011), which is like 400 years during the National Underworld (3115 BC-AD 2011). When it seems like we are in the middle of the Dark Ages while the last dregs of the Roman Empire crumble, remember this is not going to last much longer. Don’t forget that old worlds falling away are mostly being processed and ground up by Mercury during October; meanwhile, your heart beats to Venus in Scorpio sextiling Jupiter in Capricorn.

In the middle of this weird series of Mercury transits, we look to Mars to see how we can use our personal power to transform our lives amidst so much change. Mars in 27 Libra is fairly close to Mercury in 21 Libra, which will assist you as you process personal issues. You should follow your urges and not think so much. What do you really want? Why shouldn’t you change things? Follow your heart, since your feelings are so well supported by Venus in Scorpio. Mars is also in a close sextile to Pluto in 29 Sagittarius enjoying his last pass over the Galactic Center. I think this means that current relationships that are influenced by experiences we’ve had in past lives (especially during the last 5125 years) will offer us guidance and wisdom. Just why does this or that person mean so much to you? Why can’t you let go of him or her when the link seems so peculiar in current time? Well, you are probably in this relationship to learn something about the past, which sometimes is the only way to get moving in the present. In this case, the Mercury retrograde pattern could help with past-life processing, since Mercury is pulling us backward until the time of the Full Moon.

As Mercury pulls all the way back to 7 Libra on October 15, notice that Mars was in 7 Libra during the final eclipse (August 30) of the three eclipses in August. I mention this because all these significant transits on 7 and 23 Libra are deeply involved in the financial collapse, which was so intense during the August eclipses. This is worth noting because it probably means your mental chatter will be financial, which is the hardest one to break and turn away from. Just do it!

Saturn in exacting and calming Virgo (15 degrees) is in the middle of a long-lasting trine with earthy and grounded Jupiter in 13 Capricorn. This helps us make sound decisions and gives us great material support for our emotional needs. Material support when the markets are crashing? Well, yes, because during these next few months and into 2009-10, we should be remembering that our material support does not come from the markets and the financial gamblers. Our wellbeing comes from what we have built and are creating in our lives with others, the essential material values. Be grateful for what you have when the dominoes fall. The crash is like a war between dinosaurs, and surely you wouldn’t hang around too long for that! Also Saturn is drawing closer to its first opposition to Uranus (see the Fall Equinox analysis) on November 4, so there is no doubt that financial stress will be continual. And, Jupiter is in a wide trine to the New Moon in Libra, so this earthy, wise, and practical Jupiter transit in Capricorn will really be supportive of your personal issues.

For months, Chiron has been traveling right on the lunar North Node, which continues this month, so healing past trauma is on top and proceeding very well. This quest to become whole and emotionally deep is assisted by Neptune close by in Aquarius, since Neptune takes our healing to the highest potential spiritual levels. For example, the cultural quest to remember who Jesus really was continues unabated. Slowly but surely, the real Jesus is being pulled out of the jaws of orthodoxy, and his loving vibration is flowing into your hearts. If the election battles are too much, pull your copies of Dan Brown off the shelf for a second or third read. Or, one of the best books I’ve read this year in my own Jesus quest is Jesus the Wicked Priest by Marvin Vining. Vining does a great job showing that the Dead Sea Scrolls suggest that Jesus must be understood in light of a fascinating Essene schism, which he examines in detail. I like this suggestion because I go deeply into my heart whenever I consider Jesus-which is exactly what Venus in Scorpio says we should be doing this month.

Another process that will be going on with Mercury during this period is Mercury trining Neptune three times: first on September 19, and then because Mercury retrogrades and then goes forward, on September 28 just before this New Moon, and then again October 29. To appreciate the potential of these trines, we need to remember a few things about Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune went into Aquarius in 1998 just before the opening of the Galactic Underworld (AD 1999-2011), and Neptune moves out of Aquarius into its own sign, Pisces, during April 2011. That is, Neptune in Aquarius is the signature spiritual transit of the Galactic Underworld! This beautiful dance in the sky reflects the evolutionary critical leap process back to humanity; it inspires us to struggle, to arise, and to transform. Neptune rules our progress with spiritual ascension, and when it is in Aquarius, we naturally transform and transmute our souls and bodies. Neptune in Aquarius is carrying the lantern of shining light that gives us hope for the return to spiritual connection during the end of the Mayan Calendar.

But, because it is Neptune-which often creates delusion and confusion-and because Aquarius ruled by Uranus-which often destabilizes everything-it is hard to see our own progress. Well, as a teacher for thirty years, I can see how much you have progressed, which is exceedingly impressive. When I first started teaching workshops in 1986, working with my audience was like pulling teeth; sometimes I just felt like slapping people around. These days when we do activations, we have as much fun as our students. We are all attaining a lot now as we learn to fly with the spirits, and now we must handle the essentials. So, while you are assailed by crazy Mercury chatter-that will make the planet Earth sound in space like a crowded baboon cage for the month-grasp for the silvery Neptunian song of the spirit, the Music of the Spheres. And, don’t forget the Goddess with Venus in Scorpio.

Let’s end this with money, and what I have to say may surprise you. I’ve been analyzing the financial crash for a few years, which I gave a lot of attention to in The Mayan Code. Now that everything is on schedule, I don’t have much to say. As most of you know, the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, and the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, have been playing football with venerable old and free US financial institutions. While the markets go crashing up and down, these two titans gamble away the fortunes of the good savers while they rob the people’s money for the Elite. This last month was disgusting and revealing, and I’m sure each one of you has drawn your own conclusions about the game players. Meanwhile, this is exactly what was predicted for Night Five, so now we can see that Carl Calleman has correctly defined the exact end-date timing for the time acceleration of the Nine Underworlds in the Mayan Calendar. Personally, I think I would be psychotic right now if I didn’t understand why things are working this way.

As the outmoded structures of the Planetary and National Underworlds pass away, perhaps it is time to review your own outmoded attachments and just let them go. Life will never be the same again, but then that is what evolution is all about. No matter what, the show will be most interesting since Mercury will be creating a sneaky little dance that could open the secrecy doors and expose the truth about Global Elite scenarios. Gee, whiz, I wish these guys would get caught! Maybe it is enough for now that so many people finally see exactly who these Robber Barons are? Question is, will the American people be smart enough to vote them out?

Thought this might interest you.-sharing


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