Natural Medicine - made easy Part 16

An elderly lady and gentleman arrived one day, the lady was the
spokesperson. She informed me that her husband had a rash all
over and he did seem to be in some discomfort hardly being able to
keep still. I asked to see the rash, and fully expected him to roll up
his sleeve, but no, down came the trousers to reveal a lot of rash.
He really did have it all over. The rash consisted of tiny little spots
but a lot of red skin presumably where he had scratched.
I asked the lady if she had changed her washing powder recently,
she had she informed me, to a new Biological one. There was the
solution. I gave him some Rhus tox ( Rhus Toxicodendron -Poison Ivy )Homeopathic tablets to get rid of the rash and some ointment
to soothe where he had scratched, and told the lady she would have
to re-wash every item of clothing she had washed in her new
powder. I made an appointment to see the man the following week.
At that time his rash was clear and he was again his usual cheerful
Sometimes the most simple things cause awful reactions. Some
people have allergies (especially if they have Candida) and these
can manifest in the most dreadful way. Wheezing sometimes,
blotches, pain, all kinds of maladies which cause terrible
discomfort and upset to the patient.
First thing to do is find out what the allergy is. Think back to the
outbreak of the allergy. What you did, what you ate, what you
stroked even,and think back to the day before the outbreak. Once
you think you may have isolated the possible cause or causes keep
right away from the antagonist for two weeks and then expose
yourself to it again. You will soon see if that is the culprit.

One patient had been diagnosed Schizophrenic, although he did
not seem to manifest any of the symptoms of schizophrenia, his
mother said he could be violent.
I did a drug picture and found he was particularly fond of sugar.
This was removed from his diet, and his mother told not to give
him any sugar of any kind in anything. Quite some time went by,
months in fact, and then his mother telephoned me to say he had
had her by the throat, naturally she was very upset, I was not
overjoyed myself. I asked if she had given him any sugar? Yes,
she had forgotten and put sugar in his coffee. She did not forget
again. (Please remember that once you have stopped taking
something which causes an allergy, if and when you start taking it
again it can appear in its worst form.
Of course you can stop being allergic to something as quickly as you became allergic to it, and
with very bad allergies, then the solution may be to go to your G.P.
and have him send you to a Consultant to be analysed and then de-
The previous was a perfect example of sugar allergy he had no way
of controlling himself when he had sugar.(we also knew a man
who reacted in a similar way when he ate crisps). Not all cases are
quite as drastic as that example, but it certainly is an example of
what can happen with allergies.The most harmless (one would
think) food can cause in some people allergies. One little girl had
an allergy to Carrots, and another to Macaroni Cheese.They
suffered dreadfully, and so did their families until the allergy was
found. Find the source (the cause) and cure the effect.

How many people feel tired, fatigued, run down? Do not despair,
help is at hand in the form of a wonderful tonic called Eleuthrococcus (El-oo-throw-cock-us) this is sometimes called
Siberian Ginseng, possible because it comes from Siberia and is
shaped like the manroot, thus gaining the name Ginseng, but not to
be confused with Panax quinquefolium which is the Chinese
Ginseng. This latter if taken by ladies can cause headaches,
whereas Eleuthrococcus is a wonderful tonic for men and women.
We give this to people suffering with M.E.(Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome). This rather
nasty condition can strike anyone at any time after a virus, causing
them to feel very weak, have poor concentration, digestive upsets,
temperature control disturbance, mood disturbance, aches and
pains (generalised throughout the body) and as one of its names
denotes, fatigue not relieved by rest.. One tablespoon of
Eleuthrococcus morning and night has a very beneficial effect.
Eleuthrococcus is also in drop form and again made by Bioforce.
Some people prefer the drops, while others really like the taste of
the tonic. This tonic taken with a variety of vitamins and minerals
(ME sufferers do not have normal levels of Zinc, so this should
immediately be added to their diet in supplement form) can do a lot
to build up the immune system which of course in depleted.
Because they often have an abnormal absorption of vitamins they
require a higher dosage in a well assimilated form to promote
recovery. Magnesium is crucial for muscle stability and can be
associated with the muscle pain and twitching experienced by ME
sufferers. Again, the IMN is beneficial here.
Anything you can do to build up and maintain your immune system
is good for you.

Depression is often the label given to M.E. , of course the sufferers
know they may be suffering from depression, but only because of
the dreadful way they feel. If however, you do suffer from
depression, from whatever cause, make sure your diet is good, eat
lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and herbals which can be taken to
alleviate the suffering of depression are numerous, either taken by
themselves or in combinations of others.
A small word here, some herbs taste diabolical, so I would
recommend you take the herbs in tablet or liquid drop form. A list
of just some of them follows:
Valerian – the original Valium but with no side effects and no
addictions. – for nervous debility and irritation, also hysterical
affections. It allays pain and promotes sleep. Is strongly nervine
without any narcotic effects. The dried herb does however smell
dreadful (reminiscent of Tom Cats) but it can be obtained easily in
tablet form, usually it is combined with one or more other herbals
to make it even more effective.
One such is Skullcap another wonderful nervine. or
Hops (yes, the same as beer is made of) this produces a good nights
sleep, it is also a general tonic and sedative.
If there is a nervous stomach or dyspepsia present with the
depression, then Wood Betony is added.
Vervain is another nervine tonic and may be taken to advantage in
the early stages of colds or fevers, and a good remedy if taken
frequently in wineglassful doses for coughs, colds etc.,
If you are going to take the herb itself made into a drink, then be
sure and add some Honey to help mask the taste.
Hypericum perforatum (St.John’s Wort)(another which can be
found in drop form from Bioforce) although better known for its
highly esteemed uses in affections of the urinary passages, and
lung diseases is also known as the ‘amica of the nerves’ as it helps
to heal and alleviate any distress or injury to the nervous system
and brain, such as bruising, concussion or artheriosclerosis. It is
wonderful for depression, vascular spasms, pain in the coccyx and
can used externally, for wounds and superficial injuries. It can
however cause photosensitivity in some people, so it best not to
sunbathe when taking it. (Chance would be a wonderful thing in
England). Also, and this is very important, It must NOT be taken at the same time as Warfarin ( a blood thinning preparation from your doctor) IT WILL KILL YOU. It is as simple as that, unfortunately you aren’t made aware of these things. So if on Warfarin, use something else, there is only this one St.John’s Wort which interacts with Warfarin.

Also again find the cause of the depression and try to relieve
yourself of it. Have a few early nights, catch up on your sleep,and
eat well, very often tiredness and tension go hand in hand with
depression, sometimes they are the only cause, but, there could be
others. Assess your life, find out what is stressing you and try to
alleviate it. Sometimes it is not so easy to do because the cause
could be another person, if it is, then try to change your attitude to
that person, try to see them in a different light. Put yourself into
their mocassins,so to speak, try to find out where they are coming
from, what it is about them that is stressing you, and why they do
what they do. Try the exercise you have nothing to lose, and you
might be surprised.

See also under Depression.

Natural Medicine - made easy Part 16


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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