A case of Mistaken Identity

A feeling of terror and exhilaration passed through his veins at one and the same time.
He knew with certainty that if Big Willie, or rather, when Big Willie found out what
he had done, his head would roll literally.
Big Willie wouldn’t stand for anyone ripping him off and he Norman Tyler had well
and truly ripped off Big Willie.
Norman was on the payroll of Willie distributing drugs to different parts of the
country. He himself didn’t take the stuff and he didn’t sell it directly, he only
distributed it. Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh one week. Cheshire, Liverpool and
Wales another. He had three drops a week to different parts of the British Isles.
All the drugs were in 2kilo bags. Fine white powder, and Norman had subjectively
relieved each bag of one tablespoon per dropping zone. He now had a 2kilo bag of his
own and he knew it was only a matter of time before Willie found out. One of the
dealers was bound sooner or later to weigh his bag and find a couple of ounces
missing, and then he, Norman, was up the creek without the proverbial paddle. Willie
didn’t mess about, he would be dog meat. Others had doublecrossed Willie and hadn’t
lived to tell the tale. He hoped that by getting as far away as possible to a place that
neither Willie nor his henchmen knew about would be his salvation.
As he drove his car up the Motorway from the great metropolis which was London, on
his way to the cottage in Cumbria his parents had left himself and Neil his brother, he
thought of the last time he had spoken to Big Willie. He had telephoned and told
Willie he had to go into hospital for a little while to have his gall bladder removed..
Willie had appeared to accept this, but one could never tell with Willie, devious sod
that he was, he had probably already enquired at every hospital in London to see if
Norman had been admitted. Norman knew that if Willie found him there would be
more than his gall bladder removed.
He admired the view of the hills around him as he drove further and further North.
The hills gradually getting higher and changing colour from brown through green to
an almost blue colour. He loved this area.
He and Neil had fought here as children, they had never played, fighting was their idea
of play, and both had sported black eys on many occasions. There was nothing to
choose between who could hit the hardest.
Their parents had realized that from a very early age the twins were rivals in all things.
Consequently they bought two of everything, even though as far as a football was
concerned it only needed one for a game of kick around. Two dinghys, two cricket
bats, two aeroplanes, two of everything small boys played with, or at least were
supposed to play with, their toys usually ended up being missiles or weapons. The
boys were never allowed to feel slighted in any way, shape or form. Even so they still
fought repeatedly. Almost dementing their parents who couldn’t or wouldn’t take
Strange that, thought Norman. You expect a sibling to be a friend, do things for you,
help out when a chap was in need., but it hadn’t been like that for them.
As he turned off the motorway and headed for the hills he remembered how secure he
had always felt at the cottage. Surrounded almost by great hills and mountains. The
house had a country cottage garden that had been the pride and joy of his father. He
could see him now tending his flowers and pruning his shrubs.
He was really grateful to have been left a half share in the cottage, it made a great
The cottage stood at the end of a cart track and looked exactly the same as when he
had seen it last. There was even smoke curling out of the chimney. He stopped his car
dead. Smoke? Who was at the cottage?
He left his car and walked the remaining distance quietly, sneaking up on the house
and peering through the window nearest the door. What he saw shook him. He saw
himself poking the open fire, adding logs to the already good blaze. It was Neil. They
had always looked exactly alike, even down to the mole on their left cheek.
Norman opened the door and went into the living room. Neil jumped like a scared
rabbit. ‘O it’s you, you gave me an awful fright. What are you doing here? Didn’t know
you still came here, bit out of the way for you isn’t it?’ Neil’s tone was scathing.’
‘I didn’t know you did’ replied Norman glancing round for signs of further habitation,
there were none.
‘I just popped in for a day or two, I am just back from Dusseldorf and thought I would
rest over for a day or so before moving on. What about you?’ Neil glanced
suspiciously at Norman.
’I’m just passing through as well, not staying long’ lied Norman who had every
intention of staying as long as possible.
‘You still got your place in London?’ enquired Neil.
‘Yes. In Pimlico. You want to use the place while I’m gone?’ He tried not to sound too
eager. It would serve his purpose very well if Big Willie went after Neil instead of
him.It would be the first good deed Neil had ever done him, shame he wouldn’t know,
he would hate to think he had helped Norman in any way.
‘Yeah, that would be grand. I’ll go in the morning if that’s O.K. by you.’ Neil said this
a little hesitantly. Another first asking if anything suited Norman.
‘Fine, fine’ said Norman greatly relieved. ‘Here I’ll give you the keys now in case I’m
not up in the morning when you go.’
The Tyler twins said Goodnight to each other and retired to their individual rooms.
They had nothing to say one to the other and it seemed a waste of breath to try and
make small talk. Besides neither of them were any good at it.
When Norman arose the next morning Neil was gone. He smiled to himself as he ate
his breakfast. He felt relaxed, carefree, as if a weight had been lifted from him. He
thought he might climb a hill or two today the weather was glorious, just right for fell
and mountain climbing.
He packed a rucksack and set off, the birds were singing and the sky was as blue as a
robin’s egg. He felt good about himself. He would lie low for a long while climbing
and walking in this beautiful part of the country, and then he would dispose of his ill
gotten gains and be a rich man.. He would take his stache to a part of the country he
hadn’t been to for Big Willie, make his killing and then come back to the cottage. He
might travel, foreign parts he thought. Somewhere hot and as far away from Willie as
It was growing dusk when he arrived back at the cottage. He went in and stopped
stock still. There was a man in the livingroom. A total stranger.
‘What are you doing here?’ Norman asked in a gruff voice, he wasn’t into surprises,
not of this kind anyway. Was this guy from Big Willie, so soon?
The man looked him in the eye. ‘Did you think I would not come? Did you think I
would not find you? ’ he had a gutteral accent and a very unpleasant face with
glittering maniacal eyes..
Norman was at a total loss. Who was the man? ’Have you come from Big Willie? I
can explain everything.’ he almost stuttered out the words. Fear clutched at his heart.
He felt unable to breath. Sweat built up in his hair and trickled down his neck. His
brow felt wet.
‘Big Vullie, who is this big Vullie? Try not to make the excuse. I know who you are.
Was it not enough you stole my wife? Did you have to kill her as well?’ the man
spoke through black stained gritted teeth.
‘Your wife?’ now Norman was really puzzled, but a little relieved. ‘I don’t know you
or your wife mate, honest, and I haven’t killed anyone, well not directly.’ he blustered.
‘You would deny my Lisel? You swine. You took her away from me and then you
drive like a maniac on the Autobahn and kill her in the accident you cause.’ his face
ugly to start with was now red with rage. ‘You killed her as surely as I will kill you
with this’.
He took his hand from his pocket and Norman saw a gun, a grey blunt nosed thing
which looked as if it could do a lot of damage.
Norman turned to run out of the house, the man raised the gun.

A case of Mistaken Identity


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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