The Dilemma of Harry.

They stood, transfixed to the spot, both staring at the body on the floor. Neither

wanting to move and break the spell. Irene his wife and Kevin his son.

Slowly Irene raised her head and looked at Kevin ’He’s dead’ she said.
’Aye, looks

that way’ he replied his voice tight with emotional stress.

They looked back at the body.

Harry Grimsdyke was a short solid man with a bull neck and an attitude to match. His

red hair gave only a hint of his temper.

A heavy drinker he had come home early from the Workingmen’s Club and Irene had

known the moment she saw his face that he knew.

Irene had been having an affair with Bill Cruikshanks, a younger man, a drinking

partner of Harrys.

They had been very discreet, sneaking around in the dark, never being seen in the

daylight together. Irene had thought she had found true love but very quickly came to

was no need. Harry stopped, stood stock still for a moment and then keeled over onto

his face.

’He’s dead’ repeated his Irene.

‘’Yes Mother’.

‘You shouldn’t have done it our Kevin’

’Mother he was knocking seven kinds of hell out of you, what was I supposed to do,

stand and watch?’

‘But I deserved it Kevin, honest I did.’

’Deserved it? No Mother, nobody deserves to be treated like that; and its not the first

time either.’ now his voice was full of rage.

‘Yes, but this time I did deserve it. Oh Kevin, I was having an affair’. she started to

’Well good luck to you, you deserve some happiness after living with this pig for so


‘Kevin, he’s your Dad’ she wailed.

’My Dad? When has he ever been a Dad to me? When has he ever treated me like a

eh? Unless you count the cracks around the ear. He’s never done anything with me the

other Dads did. Football, fishing, and the only wrestling we did was when he wanted

get a better hold of me to hit me harder. No Mam he’s been no Dad to me.’ his voice

was hard as his memory spanned the years.

‘What will we do?’ wailed Irene.

‘Well for starters, we’ll get him out of here and make it look like an accident’. there

resolve now in his voice.

‘An accident? How?’ Irene had stopped her keeling to ask the question.

’Well, the way I look at it. He loved to walk on the fells. He took his van and parked

and walked for miles. Well, we will take him to the fells and leave him there. They

think when they find him that he fell and hit his head.’ he said quite satisfied with

his line of thinking.

‘But Kevin, he always took the dog.’ she reasoned.

‘Well this time he didn’t right. Unless you want to take little Effie with him and leave

her to roam the fells on her own.’ He knew he was on a safe bet with this last one, no

way would his Mother, who loved Effie the Whippet almost as much as his Father

put that little animal in any danger.

‘Alright Kevin. I’ll leave it to you. You seem to have a plan worked out in your head.

Just tell me what you want me to do’. she sniffed as she talked.

‘Take that throw off the settee and we’ll wrap him in it. I’ll go and get the van and


it round to the back. You go and get the car and bring it round as well.’

‘Are we taking the van and the car Kevin?’ she asked

’We’ll have to leave the van to make it look like he drove there and parked, then went

for a walk. That’s what he usually did.’

‘Why take the car as well Kevin?’ she couldn’t think straight. She had started to shake.

‘How are we going to get back Mam if we don’t take the car. We are leaving the van,


’Oh of course, sorry Kevin. Eee pet, my head is going round and round. Are you sure

this will work?’

‘I cannot be certain of course. The Police aren’t fools, but it gets the body out of the

house and away from us being the only suspects.’ he was trying to keep calm, but

finding it difficult. It was now starting to dawn on him the magnitude of what he had done. He’d killed his own father.

’I’ll go now for the van. You wrap him up. I’ll only be a minute.’ he closed th door on

his way out.

Irene collected the throw from the settee and looked down at what once had been her

husband. ’I’m sorry pet. I really am. I wouldn’t have had it end like this honest. I know

you have a bad temper and I shouldn’t have pushed you to lose it. That Bill

Cruikshanks wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t half as good at making love as you used to be.

Do you remember the good times we used to have? And how we got married because

our Kevin was on the way? We did have some happy times early on didn’t we?’ she

addressed her remarks to the body as she wrapped it.

Kevin came back into the room. ‘Good. You’ve got him wrapped up. Now go and get

the car and bring it behind the van. I’ll wait here for you.’

Irene picked up the keys for the car and went to the garage. It was very dark and fog

was just starting to swirl like smoke from a newly lit garden fire. She manouvred the

car around and parked behind the van.

Entering the house she saw Kevin on his knees beside his Father almost in silent

supplication to a God he had never believed in.

’I’ve brought it Kevin. Will you put your dad in the van?’ she asked in a small voice.

‘No I’ll put him in the boot of the car. Don’t look so shocked. He won’t know he’s in

the boot. He won’t get out and hit you for putting him there. I have to drop the van off

first and we don’t want to have to move his body twice do we?’

‘No Kevin. You’re right. We’ll just do whatever you say’. the shaking was getting

worse and she had difficulty shaping the words. She was also in pain, the bruises were

starting to rise, great black areas with yellow middles..

‘Give me a lift with him mam. God he’s a heavy bugger. Must be all that beer he


They carried Harry’s body out to the car and bundled it into the boot.

‘Right. Now you follow me. Don’t lose me mam, the fogs coming down and I’ll never

find you if you get lost. You alright?’

‘Yes Kevin. I’m alright. Lets get going.’

Kevin pulled forward with the van and she followed in the car. The fog was getting

worse. On and on they travelled, out into the wide open spaces that Harry had loved

so much. She kept her eyes and her mind firmly fixed on the rear lights of the van,

never letting it out of her sight for a second. She almost hit the van when Kevin

suddenly at a crossroads. They had travelled miles when Kevin pulled into a layby at

the side of a narrow road. He stopped the van, switched off the lights and got out

locking the door behind him.

‘Move over mam, I’ll drive now’ he said.

She did as she was bid and they set off on the last leg of their journey.

The fog had really come down now with a vengeance. The visability was down to ten

feet in front of the car.

‘Do you know where you’re going Kevin?’ asked his mother querulously.

‘Yes. We are nearly there.’

They could see the moors vaguely rising out of the mist to the side of the car and

Kevin pulled onto the moor itself.

‘Help me out with him Mam’ he said as he grunted and groaned under the strain of

heaving the solid body out of the boot. She gave what assistance she could but

of the shaking she wasn’t a great deal of help.

’We’ll just carry him over here a bit until we find a biggish stone. That way he will

as if he has fallen in the mist and hit his head.’

They carried their bundle for only a few yards before they found a suitable stone

sticking up out of the soggy mass which was the moor.

’This’ll do mam. Put him down here.’ they struggled to get the body into an upright

position against the stone.

Irene looked at the man who for all those years had been her husband and felt

something. She wasn’t sure what. Compassion? or some small part of the love she had

once felt for him? She started to cry.

‘Shall I cover him up with the throwover Kevin’ she asked her voice like that of a


‘What for? He’s not going to feel the cold mam. And besides, he isn’t likely to have

gone walking on the fells with a throw now is he?’

She clutched the throw to herself like a comfort blanket as they got into the car and

they drove off through the ever gathering mist.

A slight drizzle started to fall.

The body on the moor stirred. ’Ooo me bloody head. A must have

had a skinfull…………. Where the bloody hell am a?’

The Dilemma of Harry.


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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