Eventful journey

The thunder crashed and rolled. Lightning flashed across the sky and rain splashed

relentlessly on the windscreen of the ‘This is all I need’ though Estelle Martin as

she turned her headlights to full beam and leaned forward in her seat in a vain attempt

to see more.

She had been on the road most of the day and she was tired. She determined to pull

into the first Hotel, Motel or Service Station she came to. Service Station, she thought,

that was a laugh. She hadn’t seen hint nor hair of a Service Station in the last fifty


Still, she thought, the Highlands of Scotland were a little off the beaten track, and she

had wandered even more off it..

She had traveled down from Inverness across country to Oban and then detoured to

Portsanacan where she had stopped for food and rest. It was so beautiful there with

the Hotel actually on the edge of the loch. She had foolishly called it a lake and had

been quickly corrected. She was a fast learner, she wouldn’t make the same mistake
car. again.

She was traveling eventually to Edinburgh, but had thought to see some of the

beautiful, majestic scenery while she was at it, and then home to Iroshopeburn in the

beautiful Wear Valley.

It had started off a lovely day with a wondrous sky of red, pink and orange with a

tinge of purple thrown in for good measure. Then the sky had suddenly darkened

hanging over the front of her car as an ominous heavy cloud ready to drop its load

onto some unsuspecting traveler out this night. It did, on her.

She knew there was little point in driving ever forward as she was, unable to see.

Where oh where was some refuge? She was sure that even if she did pass a hotel she

wouldn’t be able to see it through the driving rain.

She pulled over to where she hoped the side of the road was. Felt her wheels slide

slightly on grass and knew she was at least close to her own side of the road.

Where just a little while ago she had looked out at glorious high peaked mountains,

now she stared only at sheets of rain. She wondered what she should do? To stay
where she was could be foolish because some unsuspecting fellow traveler could ram

into the back of her car. On the other hand it would be just as foolish to try and drive

in rain which stopped her windscreen wipers.

She turned on her radio and tried to tune into a weather forecast. All she got was

static. Her thoughts wandered nostalgically to her warm and cozy house in the dales.

Its close proximity to human beings, friends, family and it was dry. She sighed.

Estelle was a Reporter for the Northern Echo and had decided to take a short holiday

and at the same time chase a story which her editor was interested in about a

Highland MP who had got himself into a scrape and the rest of the media were

milking the story for all it was worth. She wanted the human angle, she wasn’t

interested in humiliating the man, well certainly no more than her had humiliated


Fancy getting compromised by being caught in a Nightclub with a lady of ill-repute. It

wouldn’t have mattered if a photographer hadn’t been there to record the event for
posterity. He really should have known better. Photographers were always sniffing

around MPs looking for sleeze and this time they found it.

She stared despondently out of the window of her car. She might as well be marooned

on a desert island, she thought.

Suddenly the storm seemed to lighten somewhat and she could actually see the road

ahead of her again.

There was something white lying in the road. She couldn’t make it out to be anything,

just a large white thing.

Carefully she got out of the car to take a closer look. Thankfully the rain had almost

stopped, stopped as quickly as it had started.

As she drew nearer to the thing she could now see was a woman, or rather the body

of a woman. She was wearing a white dress which was soaked and clinging to her

body. Estelle leaned over intending to take the woman’s pulse, when she saw the

tourniquet around her neck she realized that that gesture would be useless but did it
anyway. Estelle gave a little shriek. She wanted to scream and scream at the

top of her voice but there was absolutely no one to hear her.

She looked again and determining that the woman was indeed dead, very dead in fact,

she got back into her car and reached with shaking hands for her car phone. The

battery flashed Low. ‘Oh please God let it stay on long enough to make a 999 call’.

God apparently heard her for it did stay on just that exact amount of time.

She had had difficulty explaining to the Police just exactly where she was situated.

was a stranger to the area and she hadn’t been looking a road signs merely enjoying

scenery. Fortunately, the man on the switchboard recognized her description of the

view she had seen before it had started to rain. And now it had started again.

It pelted down, worse if possible than it had before.It lashed itself at the car like some

frustrated entity trying to gain access. Howling and shaking the car in its efforts to
gain access.

She hoped the Police could find her before some idiot came tearing along the road and

overtook her running over the body.

She shuddered, alright the body wouldn’t feel much, but it would be dreadful if

someone did run her over.

After what seemed like an eternity the Police arrived. A small Police car with a blue

light flashing on top and two uniformed officers.

They came to her window which she wound down reluctantly. The rain gushed in at

her like a waterfall in full spate.

’There’s a body of a woman, she’s been strangled’ she managed to get out before the

wind and rain totally took her breath away.

‘Not another!’ she heard one of the Policemen say.

What did he mean not another? Had there been others? Was there a serial killer in

these parts? She sincerely hoped not. She shivered and not just from cold either.

The first Policeman who had gone to view the body, returned.
‘Where did you say it was Miss?’ he asked.

’What do you mean where did I say it was? It is right in front of my car. You cannot

miss it.’ she said in an exasperated voice.How on earth could they miss seeing it? she

knew it was still raining, but even in the rain they must have nearly fallen over it.

She got out of the car into the drenching rain and walked forward with the Policeman.

She stared open-mouthed at the road, where the body had been. Nothing. Absolutely

nothing. Where on earth could she have gone. She couldn’t have gone anywhere , she

was dead. She had checked, the woman had been very dead! Estelle felt as if she were

going mad, her brain spun with all the thoughts and doubts rushing through it.

’But she was here, right in front of my car. She cannot have gone anywhere. Unless

someone came and moved her while it was pouring down the second time’ she

at the very thought.

The other Policeman said ’A few years ago we had a murder in these parts, I believe it

was exactly here, and it was such a night as this actually. It was a young woman in a
white dress. The murderer was never caught. I have heard others say they have seen

her on this stretch of the road.’

’What! you are telling me I have seen a Ghost? I felt her pulse. She was as solid as you

and me, not a Ghost for God’s sake!!’

‘Sorry miss, but that’s what it looks like. We’ll be off now. Will you be alright?’

She stared at them dazedly, trying to make some sense of what they were telling her.

‘Yes of course.’ she hesitated and then shouted.. ‘No wait a minute, Wait for me!!’

Eventful journey


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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