Psychic Detective Chapter 31

There was a shout from one of the policemen, and the Inspector turned in his direction. ‘Got something here sir,’ said the man
We hurried over to where the man was pointing at the ground. Sure enough a patch of blood in the grass was quite visible.
‘Right we’ll get the forensic lads onto this right away. Jones, stay here and guard the spot, the rest of you take a look around for anything else you may find. We don’t know exactly what else we are looking for, a weapon maybe, just comb the area thoroughly.’
he commanded, at the same time taking out his handset and calling up the forensic specialist to come to the scene.

I felt so relieved they had found something, anything, It proved I hadn’t just dreamed it, or was imagining things. It was a fear I had, where did my psychism end and my imagination begin? It was a very thin line.
Of course the Inspector knew what weapon had been used, but he couldn’t tell the men that, how could he explain that he knew exactly what the weapon was? He would then be a suspect.

Whether it was finding the blood or being in the close proximity of where Margot dies, I don’t know, but suddenly I was ‘there’ exactly the same place as I was in the flesh but with Margot running with her frightened face.
I ‘saw’ the hand, rise and fall, but this time I saw who held the baseball bat. It was ……………

Patrica Morrison. I cold hardly believe it. She had on a dark coat and a wig of some kind with a big hat. I saw her again roll the body over and it fall into the river.

I ‘came’ back to Jeff with a rush.
‘You alright Emilia?’ he asked concerned I suppose because of my white face.
‘i know who it was.’ I blurted out’ It was Patricia Morrison.’
‘You sure?’ he enquired.
‘Positive’ I answered
‘Right let’s go. Off to the theatre, we should catch her there at this time, there is a matinee performance and she will be on stage. Should just get there about the time it finishes.’ he said heading for his car.

We travelled at speed and the theatregoers were still spilling out of the doors when we arrived. The Inspector steered me to the stagedoor. When the doorman saw the warrant card, he simply nodded us through.
We went straight to Patricia Morrison’s dressingroom. Knocked and entered when bidden, which was almost immediately.
‘Inspector dear, How can I help you now ?’ she opurred.
‘Patricia Morrison, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Margot del Mar. You do not need to say anything if you wish, but anything you do say may be used later in a Court of Law’ the Inspector droned out the Miranda speech that went with all arrests.
Patricia Morrison went as white as a sheet. She sat down hard on the seat besife the dressing table and stared hard at the Inspector. I don’t think she even noticed me.
‘How did you know?’ she asked, when no reply was forthcoming she went on ‘She shouldn’t have said those dreadful things about Geoffrey. She was going to expose him she said, and he would have lost his seat. He is a Member of Parliament you know. She said she was having an affair with him and she was going to see him that night in the new car he had bought her.Well, I put a stop to that, I followed her in my car and after she had pulled through Geoffrey’s gates.; I pulled my car in front of hers
She seemed to know what I was going to do and she jumped out and started to run; but I was quicker. I hit her with a baseball bat you know.’ she had rattled all this off in almost one breath, and now she just smiled her beautiful smile at us.
‘How did you get through Mr Fryer’s gates miss, there is a man on duty to open them?’ asked the Inspector.
‘Geoffrey knew he was coming to meet me and gave the man the night off, and told him to leave the gates open because he would be late back, he always did that if he was going out for the evening’. she stated matter of factly.
‘How did you get out of the theatre without anyone seeing you miss?’ he asked in wonder, he could not believe his luck at this confession so readily given, and in front of a witness at that, he told me later.
‘I was finished a little before Margot that night, because she was understudy to Clarisse, and was enjoying the limelight. I got chanfe quickly into dark clothes, put on a short grey wig and trilby and a trenchcoat. All from the props basket. I picked up a baseball bat at the same time, hid it under my coat and left the theatre by the stage door. George only looks at people coming in, not going out.
’May I ask what you did with Miss del Mar’s car miss,? he asked her.
Well.once we were through the gates, and ……I had done it. I got imnto her lovely new car and rove it into the thicket in the wood over the bridge near Geoffrey’s house. It couldn’t be seen from the road, and no one goes there anyway. I knew once the leaves started to fall from the trees it would be seen, but I intended to go and collect it and move it once the hue and cry had died down’ she finished,
‘Then what did you do miss?’ he asked
‘Then I ran back to my car, and drove back to the theatre. To get back in, I went to the front of the house so George wouldn’t see me. People were coming ojut still and I just mingled with them., but I walked in instead of out. I went to my dressingroom, changed and was ready and waiting for Geoffrey when he arrived to take me to supper.’ she said this as if chatting about the weather. |Her voice rose as she almost sobbed ‘He bought he that beautiful car’.
I could hear the pain in her voice as she said this, and felt it necessary to eleviate some of the pain.Alright, she was a killer and a coldblooded one at that, but she was humans and she had all the frailties of a human being. I said gently to her #Miss Morrison. Mr. Fryer didn’t buy Margot the new red car, she stole it.’
She looked at me for the first time since the interview began. She looked with a steady stare for quite some time and then almost in a whisper said ‘Thank you for that. I knew Geoffrey wouldn’t bu her something like that. It was me he loved you know’
In that moment I felt really sorry for Patricia Morrison, to be so reliant on emotions, and to be so interested in monetary and materials matters was a heavy burden to carry.

Psychic Detective Chapter 31


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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