Psychic Detective Chapted 26

I was ‘back’ in the car with Jeff. I told him excitedly about what I had ‘seen’. I was sorry I told him that it was little, but it was clue of sorts.
Jeff agreed, it was a good clue. He said he would look on the Ordnance Survey Map of the area for five miles up stream from St.Martins.

We went next to the private hotel where Margot had, and all the others lodged,. In the foyer was a lady sitting behind a desk. She had seen better days, and had probably been an actress judging by the amount of make-up. She had on the garish dress which had every colour in it known to man and maybe a few that weren’t..,she had probably been attractive in her day, but now like her hotel, she was a bit rundown.; She was quite plump, and with her rouge overlapping onto her temples, it gave her a surprised quite comical look., and she did clash quite dreadfully with her surroundings, which were also quite garish.
She smiled, her bright red lipstick making her mouth look like a grimace.
‘Can I help you, darlings.’ she volunteered.
‘I am Inspector Forsyth and this is my colleague’ he said showing her his warrant card, he didn’t bother to elaborate on the word colleague. ‘I telephoned earlier and made arrangements to view the room of Miss del Mar’ he continued.
‘Of course, darlings’ she turned to retrieve the key from the keyboard. It wasn’t there. ‘The maid must have it’ she said by way of explanation’ come this way’ she said leading the way to the first landing.
’That’s funny’ she said tryig the door of No.16 ‘the door is locked, the silly girl must have taken the key home with her’. She produced a huge ring of keys and proceeded to open the door. The master keys, she informed us.
The door opened and in the middle of the room stood Roger Callaghan.
The Inspector stared hard at him and Callaghan seemed to wither under the gaze.
‘Oh Hello, I just popped in to see if I could find anything’ he spluttered.
‘And did you Mr Callaghan?’ asked the Inspector with ice in his voice.
‘No, I didn’t as a matter of fact, I’m not sure what I was looking for, just thought I might find some clues’ he finished lamely.
’Don’t you thin you should leave that sort of thing to us sir,‘? and please remember, to remove any evidence from a scene of crime investigation is an offence punishable by imprisonment’ he added in a steely voice.
‘I haven’t touched anything, honest.’ Callaghan blurted out ’I’ve only just come in before you’
I suspected that might be a lie, and from the look on the Inspector’s face, so did he.
‘Well you can leave now Mr.Callaghan, and we will look for any clues to be found, thank you very much. And you also, Mrs….Bright? wasn’t it?’ he addressed the last remark to the landlady still standing in the doorway gaping first at the Inspector and then Roger Callaghan.
Both Callaghan and Mrs Bright (so very well named) made a dash for the door together, they obviously did not want to incur the further wrath of Inspector Forsyth.

When they were safely out the room and the door closed behind them, the Inspector said ‘Wonder what he was really after? Clues? I ask you, have yo ever heard such a pathetic tale to explain his presence somewhere where he shouldn’t be?’
‘Possibly drugs. ’ I ventured ’Don’t forget he and Margot were in cahouts together with drugs.’
He started to look around carefully; the forensic boys had already been in and taken fingerprints and looked for anything of significance, which was not a lot. It would appear someone had been there before them and the whole room was wiped clean.
‘This blighter, whoever it is, is thorough. I have to give them that Emilia ’ he said after drawing a blank ’ There isn’t even a scrap of paper to be found.
Apart from the furnishings, which belonged to the hotel, there wasn’t anything at all that seemed to belong to the dead gir., no personal possessions of any kind, nothing.

I had a distinct ‘feeling’ a sort of vibration of the girl, it was almost tangible.
‘You getting something, Emilia?’ he sounded excited.
I could ‘smell’ Margot, she was her with us. I opened my eyes hastily, expecting to see Margot,and I did Margot, or at least a pale shadow of Margot was standing by the window. She smiled her most pleasant smile at me and beckoned with a finger. I walked toward her. The Inspector who was watching probably thought I was sleepwalking.
Margot pointed her finger at a chest of drawers under the window and nodded her head. I made to open the top drawer but Margot shook her head laughing. then I took hold of the second drawer handle and Margot nodded. I pulled open the drawer. Nothing. It was empty. I glanced up at Margot who again crooked her finger and made a ‘pull’ sign. I did as I was bid and the drawer came right out. When I turned the drawer over there was a packet strapped to the bottom of the drawer with sellotape.
As I looked up again Margot was laughing, there was no sounds, but her face was contorted in laughter. As I watched Margot slowly faded away.

Psychic Detective Chapted 26


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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