Psychic Detective Chapter 7

‘Emilia, Emilia’ It was Nick calling my name.
I awoke with a start, my heart beating fast, sweat standing on my brow. Was Nick calling my name? I listened hardly daring to breathe lest I missed him. There was only the sound of someone banging on the door of my cottage.
I reached up and felt my hair. It was long and lustrous, my hands went to my face, it was smooth and shiny. Feeling relief, I shook myself awake and went to answer the door.
It was the Inspector that I saw through the bullseye glass. I opened the door and the Inspector smiled at me.
‘You alright Emilia? You’re as white as a sheet’ he said as he held out a steadying hand to my wavering frame ‘You look as if you have just seen a ghost. I hope I don’t have that effect on you’ he added.
’I’m OK. just woke up rather suddenly, that’s all ’ I said trying to hold my voice steady, hoping to allay his fears. I felt such a fool. My heart was still drumming in my ears and I felt a little lightheaded.
Why had I suddenly started to dream about the past after all of these years? I thought I had put it well out of my mind a long time ago, but now, it appeared, it was back to haunt me.

When I had first returned to England after all those years of absence in the Mountains, I had dreamed about it every time I closed my eyes, but with the constant help of a Psychologist, it had passed, and I had been free of it now for some years. Please God, let it stay that way, let this be a one off.
My Psychologist had warned me that it could, at times of stress re-occur, but until now it hadn’t.
My stay in the mountains had been pleasant enough in its way, but the time leading up to my rescue I still couldn’t bear to think about, I shuddered as the thought passed through me.
I smiled as brightly as I could muster at the Inspector and invited him into the cottage.
’It’s nice to see you Inspector, called for a cuppa?’ I eyed him closely ‘or, was there something else?’
‘A cup of Tea would be lovely Emilia, but yes, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about, but are you sure you are up to it? he enquired.
I nodded my head and he followed me into the livingroom and took up his usual seat by the window.
’We picked up the guy you saw with Johnnie in the shed, and he’s singing like a Canary. Unfortunately, when we went after the other one, the instigator, there was no on at home, and according to the neighbours, the house has been empty for about two years. Until recently there had been a ‘For Sale’ sign sign up, but then it was removed and the neighbours presumed it had been sold, but the Estate Agent denies this. So we have to presume that the man was a squatter’. he added.
‘He certainly didn’t look like a squatter, he was dressed in a suit and tie, and looked very much at home.’ I said
I had gone into another trance and picked up the man who had held Johnnie prisoner, I followed him and he led me to the man who had paid him to snatch Johnnie, I had seen him and the house where he lived, I had passed this information on to the Inspector, but now this was the outcome.
‘Well that was what I understood you to say, bu then I thought I must be mistaken’ Inspector Forsyth looked puzzled as he said this.
‘No, Inspector you are not mistaken, that was exactly as I saw him, and I presumed he lived there, but of course he could have been staying there for just the purpose of seeing his contact, I have no way of knowing. Perhaps the fact that he had a saucepan in bis hand made me believe he lived there.’ I added, Of course a pan was such a domestic item, but didn’t really go with the suit when I thought about it. Not many people cooked in their best clothes, and his had been an expensive suit.
‘Did the first man, the one you locked up, think the other man lived at the house?’ I enquired.
‘He did, he was very surprised when I informed him that the man did not live at that address, and told us we were inept, and couldn’t organize something in a brewery’ he laughed as he said this.
I knew what he meant and I laughed too.
’Didn’t he know this man then?’ I asked
‘Apparently not, he had been approached to do a job by this fellow. He knew absolutely nothing about him before then. This man who he knew as Jenkins had said it was a way of getting some money out of Johnnie’s father. But, to be honest with you Emilia. I have my doubts. No contact was made to Mr Morris asking for ransom money, and he isn’t a wealthy man anyway, wlll, not by kidnapping standards anyway. He is a Bio Chemist at Wantkins, based at Wolverstone. OK he is well paid, but doesn’t have vast amounts, and certainly not the amount you would expect of someone being held to ransom or blackmail.’ said the Inspector
‘Blackmail?’ that was not something I had not thought of.

Psychic Detective Chapter 7


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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