Psychic Detective Chapter 6

’I’m coming too’ I announced when half an hour later, with all the details sorted out, the Inspector said he was going to the aquaduct to have a look, he didn’t want to alert a full squad search, just in case. He doesn’t want me to become a laughing stock, if it turns out to be a false alarm , I thought. I don’t suppose he was too keen on being in the firing line either.
‘You sure’ he enquired looking at me.
‘Certain, just hang on a moment until I get a blanket’ when the Inspector looked at me askance, I replied ’ For the little fellow’.

We got into the Inspector’s car and he pulled quickly away, I had the map on my knee and was watching the co-ordinants, making sue of the roads we were following.

We drove for quite some miles before I suddenly said ‘Just a sec. I think there is a small side road around here somewhere’
’There’s no sign of one on the map’ said the Inspector leaning over and looking at the map on my knee.
‘I know there isn’t, but I ‘feel’ it’. I glanced at the Inspector as I spoke, I really hope he didn’t think I was bonkers.
‘Where exactly do you think it might be Emilia?’asked the Inspector, showing no sign of considering me bonkers., which was a great relief.
‘Back up a little and turn left’ I said closing my eyes as I said it.

The Inspector did as he was bid, and sure enough there on the left was tiny road, which we had missed. It was just large enough to get the car through, and even then the thicket at either side of the road scratched and scraped the car as it pushed its way through.

‘You wouldn’t find this road in a month of Sundays, Emilia’ if you hadn’t had some sort of clue as to where it was’ observed the Inspector of Police.
‘I suppose we did have some kind of advantage’ I laughed as I spoke.
We travelled along this road (if it could be called a road) for some distance and I then I shouted ‘Here, stop here, This is the place.
The car braked to a standstill.
’Somewhere around here we will find a shed.’
The Inspector and i got out of the car. It was just starting to turn dark, some Red sky still remained from the Sun dropping below the horizon, and because it had been such a clear day and cloudless, the sky had stayed dusklike for longer than it did normally. This was an advantage indeed, because we could see where we were walking, not well, but sufficiently for us not to get hurt. The path petered out at a fence and then beyond was a field, and in that field, was a shed. The Shed.
In the distance we could see the silhouette of the aquaduct black against the deepening red sky. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I started to run toward the shed.
‘Hold on Emilia’ cried the Inspector ’ ‘the man may be in there’
’He’s not’ I called back in full sprint.
I reached the shed and flung open the door, it had only been fastened with a looped catch on the outside.
It was very dark inside and when the Inspector shone his torch around there appeared to be no sign of life. My heart sank.

Had I been wrong? Had my imagination indeed run away with me? Was this a wild goose chase? Was there no boy there?
Just then a pile of sacking on the floor moved, and a tiny, dirty face appeared in the light of the torch.
The Inspector shone the torch first on my face and then his own. ’Don’t worry lad, it’s the Police, we’ve come to take you home’.
The small child leaped up from the sacking and flung himself at me, hugging me tightly.
‘I didn’t cry anymore miss, like you said, I knew you would come back for me, I knew, I knew.’
I couldn’t restrain the tears in my own eyes, as I hugged this small fragile piece of
humanity to me. He was safe, Oh Thank God he was safe.
‘I think it best we get out of here, and get you home my lad’ said the Inspector taking charge of the situation., but I noticed a slight crack in his voice as he spoke.
I realized the relief to him must have been twofold, the child was safe and he hadn’t been running around the countryside following the advice of a ‘nut’.

Soon we were back on the road again, I sat in the back of the Inspector’s car holding tightly to the child who snuggled into me, whose name he said was Johnnie.

Psychic Detective Chapter 6


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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