Hi. Painting on silk.

Some of you seemed surprised at me painting on silk. There are special paints you buy to paint on silk and because silk is so porous, you have to outline your design with Gutta, this come in gold and white (also black if you so wished)(in a tube with along nozzle for easy manipulation) you outline all the design and then paint within the guidelines once the Gutta is dry. If you want a sensational effect, say you have put gutta in a design of flowers, you leave an opening, instead of closing the gutta right up, and when you paint ,the paint will ‘bleed’ into the colour next to it, This looks incredible. I found this out by accident!!!! I was making some silk cushion covers and had put on the design, but had inadvertantly left a couple of gaps, and hey presto, it was fantastic, Do give Silk painting a try, it is well worth the effort, start on something small and work your way up, make your own designs or trace them off, you can see through silk, if you pull it tight. Have fun. Love and hugs Hilary

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